Warning!!! This chapter is extreamly horrifying!! Enjoy!!!




Destiny POV:

Trenton dropped me off by the front doors. The party was fun. The older ones drank. We sat around a campfire. Zan kepy wiggling his eyebrows at me. It was wierd. I like Kenzi. She's awesome. I walked through the lobby. Maxine still working. I smiled to myself. What a loser. I loved my sister being famous! Everything I want! I got in the elevator and started up. I pulled out my phone. People were being terrible to Morgan and Niall. I'd never seen things get this bad. Once the elevator dinged I walked and set my stuff on the island. Morgans shoes were on the floor like they were just thrown off. Her phone wasn't charging. Her purse was not in sight. 

"Morgan! I'm home!" I yelled. No answer. Must be asleep. I grabbed my things and walked to my room. Morgan's door was shut. I bet she was tierd. I went to my room and sat on the big pink fluffy comforater I have on my bed. I put my head on my pillow. I felt sand in my hair. Eww! I sat up.

"Time for a shower." I said to myself. I walked to my bathroom undressing. I took a quick easy shower. I went to lay back down then I remembered my pillow was full of sand. I walked over to my bed. I grabbed my pillowcase and carried it to the laundry room. I looked around. No soap. I started the washer. Morgan usually kept extra soap in her bedroom. I'd just go ask for it. I walked down the hall. I paused infront of her door. It felt different. I shrugged and opened the door. It was dark. I could see Morgans bed. She lay there with an arm over the edge. That was a strange position for her. I walked closer .

"Morgan." I said. Nothing. She wasn't a really heavy sleeper.

"Morgan. Hey." I said getting closer. Still nothing. I reached out and shook her. Nothing. I knelt down. I shook her shoulder again.

"Morgan. Wake up." Whatever game she was playing was not funny.

"Morgan!" I yelled. I reached and put my hand on the ground. I felt around for her phone. I felt something of a cylender shape. I grabbed it. I found her phone and turned on her flashlight. They cilender I was holding was an empty pill bottle. I turned the flashlight on Morgan. She lay not moving. Barely breathing. Tears filled my eyes.

"Oh my god! Morgan!" I screamed. My heart was going crazy. What do I do! I unlocked Morgans phone and dialed 911.

"Hello. This is 911 what's your emergency?"






Trenton's Pov: 

I sat on the couch. Dianna was in the kitchen making popcorn.

"Babe! Butter?" She asked. I smiled. We were gonna watch grown ups 2.

"Yes!" I answeed. I had dropped Destiny off two hours ago. When Morgan is upset she acts wierd, but not leave the party wierd. I bet she had a long day seeing the boys again. That Zayn freak needs to keep his eyes away from Destiny. I know that much! Niall was quiet the rest of the night. I bet her pissed Morgan off. She was probably just angry. Diana plopped down on the couch beside me.

"Here ya go!" She said handing my my small bowl of popcorn. I grinned.

"Thanks!" I said turning my attention back to the previews.

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