Liz's POV:

I walked into the room Dan and I were sharing on ours and Pauls bus. Dan sat on his computer typing up something about Morgans Fanbase, what they want from her. One thing, was her to find love.

"Dan, can I talk to you?" I asked sitting at the end of our bed. Dan clsed his computer and looked up.

"What's up babe?" He asked. I sighed.

"I walked in on Niall and Morgan," I stopped myself. Dan's face was horrifyed. 

"What!? Oh my! Get her off that bus!" Dan said standing. I smiled.

"I walked in on them writing a song together." I said putting my hands on Dan's hips. He smiled.

"So you didn't walk in on them doing what I want to do to you now?" Dan asked.

"Dan, it's serious. What if Morgan likes Niall. What if she really likes Niall.?" I asked. Dan rolled his eyes.

"She'll be fine." Dan said. My hands never left his hips.

"Shall we?" He asked. Dan fell on top of me soaking me in his kisses. His hands soft carressing my body. 



Morgan's POV:

Niall and I have been writing our song all morning. We are laying on the ground our legs tangled up.

"Morg! Let's put in something about calling you cupcake!" He said. I wrote it down.

"Niall, can we stop putting food in our song, we have enough of it." I said looking at the huge list of food. 

"I'm digging a taco or something." I said rubbing my stomach. Niall laughed.

"Driver said we were almost to our first stop." Niall said. My heart stopped. That's where I would have to spend every second out in public with Liam.

"What's wrong?" Niall asked. I looked at him.

"I say when we stop, we find a taco bell." I said. Niall nodded and wrote something on his pad.

"Please nothing about Taco Bell in this song." I said kicking him. He grinned.

"I'm drawing." He said.

"Are you serious. We have been at this forever and you've been drawing." I said. He didn't lose his smiled when he nodded.

"Let me see it." I said. He turned his notepad around. It looked like a pre-k student drew it. It was a stick figure picture of Niall and I with our legs wound together. It lokked like jumbled up earphones. I laughed.

"You know my favorite song in the world is 'Lifes going on.'"Niall said. I smiled.

"That was the first song I preformed on a tour." I said. Niall blushed.

"I know." He whispered. I blushed too!

"My dad and I wrote it." I said. He looked at me sideways.

"It's about losing something you love isn't it?" He asked. Tears filled my eyes.

"It was about my mother passing away. She had leukimia." I said. Niall took my hands.

"She was a song writer. Most of the songs I preform, she wrote them." I said. Niall had tears in his eyes.

"I didn't know." He whispered. I smiled through the hard tears.

"No one did." His face was frozen.

"When she was in the hospital they would give her little pink pieces of paper to write on. She'd write me things about how I needed to act, and needed to be." I said. Niall squeezed my hands.

"When I was eight, she gave me one that had Stay who you are Forever on it. She knew she was dying. She wouldn't say it." I sat up and Niall did also.

"What was her name?" Niall asked. My heart stopped. I haden't said it aloud in yeard.

"Marie Janet Pierce." I said. I started to lose my breath.

"Morgan, was Marie her madden name?" He asked. I nodded. He looked at our hands.

"What's your real last name?" He asked. I started to shake.

"Moran Gea. Logans." I said. He looked at me.

"Moran Gea. Logans. Is Gea. short for something?" He asked. I looked away from hin. I ripped my hands from his.

"You don't have to pretend that you care." I said. I felt his hand turn my head to his. We were eye to eye.

"I'm not pretending, I do care." He said taking my hands again. A tear fell from his eye.

"Gea. is short for Geanilin." I said. He smiled.

"You have the wierdest name on Earth." He said. I nodded in agreement.

"Blame my mom." I said. Niall laughed.

"Tell me about your dad." Niall said. I smiled.

"He's remarried. Her name is Brooke. She has two kids. Destiny fourteen in July, and Joshua nine in March. They live in New York. I spend Christmas there. The rest of the time I am with Liz and Dan." I said. Niall shook his head.

"He remarried. Are you upset at him?" He asked. I shook my head.

"I love Brooke and her kids. They're great. Dan and Liz saved me though." I said. Niall looked at me sideways again.

"Must I explian everything." I said. Niall kinda giggled.

"My dad started to spend more time at work and with Brooke than with me. I reminded him of mom. I spent a summer with Dan and Liz and that's when I became famous." Niall nodded. He understood.

"Liz was my mon Maid of Honor. They grew up two houses down. Liz was my god-mother." I said. 

"Liz can't have kids." I said. Nialls face changed.

"That's why she loves you from the end of the Earth." He said. I smiled.

"Yeah, thats the only reason." I said. Nialla nd I bothe laughed. We leaned forward at the sme time. I looked into Niall's eyes. 

"Hey! Off the bus! It's food time!" Someone yelled. Niall helped my up. We walked to the door. Liam came and wrapped his arms around my waist.

"What's for luch?" He asked. Niall seemed upset. The thing was. Liam didn't know my full name. He didn't know my back story. Niall did.

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