"Morgan." I heard someone say. I rolled over and saw Montie smileing with Piper behind her. They were grinning ear to ear.

"Why didn't you guys come back last night!? I was worried!" I said. Montie giggled.

"We knew you and Liam were getting your nasty on, so we stayed out." Piper answered. I rolled over and looked where Liam had layed. He was gone now. 

"He left before we even came in." Montie answered reading my mind. I sat up. Piper grinned trying to hide her laughter.

"So you and Liam huh?" Montie said teasing. Piper kinda pushed her. I sliped out of bed and walked tt the closet. Piper and Montie sat on my bed. I threw on some black athletic shorts and a tank top. I threw my hair in a high mess bun. I didn't touch my face for makeup.

"Where you going?" Piper asked. I sliped on my Uggs. I smiled.

"I need to go talk to Liam." I said grabbing my phone. Montie stood.

"I gotta go get coffee." Montie said grabbing her money. Piper wiggled her eyebrows at me. I blushed. We all left the room together. I walked to Liams room. I lost track of the other girls. One thing I knew was Liam had his own room. I knocked. I patiently waited. The door opened revieling Liam. He was in sweats and a muscle top. I smiled. He didn't return it. I stepped in. He closed the door. I turned and looked at him. 

"You left this morning." I said. He shrugged. I was confused.

"Are you okay?" I asked. He went in the bathroom and looked at himself in the mirror.

"Wanna go get coffee?" I asked. He looked at me. He was angry for some reason.

"No. I don't. Are we done now?" He asked. I was taken back. I started walking to the door. I put my hand on the door handle.

"Hey, but your welcome for excepting you last night. When you made a fool of yourself. I can't believe I fell for you." I said. I opened the door and slamed it behind me. Piper came from around the corner with a tea in her hand.

"Wanna have a skype date?"





Later: We were in Louis's and Harry's room. Louis and Montie sat close. Really close. Harry kept looking at Piper. I had my phone out texting Trenton. I sat on the couch by myslef. I felt some eyes over me. I turned and saw Niall grinning.

"Who ya texting?" He asked plopping down beside me. I smiled.

"A friend. Super cute." I joked. His face kind of fell. I Shifted in my seat.

"Can we go to the cafe downstairs?" Niall asked. We stood and walked out together. Piper was looking at us wierd. We walked to the cafe downstairs. We sat in the back. Niall looked at me. It felt like he could see the inside of me.

"Liam told us guys about you two. He thinks he scored us some more tour time." Niall said. He looked at his hands. I frowned. He used his innocents on me. He used me. I had been used before, but I liked Liam. 

"Are you okay?" He asked. He could see what I felt.

"I'm sorry. I just wanted you to know." Niall said. He looked liked he actually cared.

"Okay. I think we should go back to my room and practice our song. I wanna sing it when we get to California." I said. Niall grinned. We got upa nd walkd to my room. We pulled out or 'song gear'. We sat on my bed. He was strumming his guitar when the loudest burp ever left his mouth. I looked at him in griossness. Then started dying laughing. He joined in.

"Niall, one day I hope you find the perfect girlfriend." I said. Niall looked at his guitar.

"Me too."




Montie's POV:

Louis and I sat on his bed. Harry and Piper went to find Morgan. They wanted to ask who was hottest. Zayn and Liam left shortly after Morgan and Niall. Louis jumped up and locked the door.

"What are you doing?" I asked Louis. It was a joke. I could tell by his smile. His perfect smiled.

"I thought maybe, we could, um....." He trailed off. I grinned.

"I wante dto kiss you." He whispered. I caught it. I grabbed Louis and we layed on the bed kissing. He grinned. We didn't pull apart. He didn't try to push me farther than just kissing. We heared the door handle rattleing. I pulled back a bit.

"It's Locked they can't get in." Louis said. We went back to kissing. The door opened. and we pulled apart. I jumped up and sat up straight. Harry and Piper stood at the door laughing. Piper was grinning like crazy. 

"Were you eating her!?" Harry yelled. Louis blushed. Then Harry smiled.

"I caught you two making out." He said. Then her ran out.





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