"No. She already has to share a tour, and a tour bus with them." Dan said. I had gotten off the buss to find Liz. Dan was talking to Jerold.

"I"m sorry! There's nothing I can do!" Jerold said. I heard Dan sigh.

"Can we talk to Paul about it?" Liz asked. I heard shuffeling.

"These are papers you need to sign these papers." Jerold said. Nothing.

"She's eighteen. Let's cut her some slack." Dan said. I heard paper rustling.

"Fine! She gets to choose. Get Paul." Jerold commanded. The door opened. Liz came out.

"Morgan!" She asked suprised.

"What are they talking about?" I asked. Liz froze.

"I can't tell you. Don't worry about it. Go to the bus." Liz said turning me around. I didn't object. One Direction was a good thing, for now.

*An hour later* 

The boys were unpacking. I sat in the livingroom area listening to music and looking at the different places we would travel over the U.S. The door opened. I looked up. Jerold, Dan, and Paul walked in. I stopped my music.

"Boys!" Paul yelled. The boys ran in. The curled boy and his twin jumped on the love seat. Niall sat to my right on the couch. Liam on my other. And The black haired guy alone on the chair.

"We have an announcement!" Jerld said clapping his hands. The room was quiet.

"Daniel." Jerold said stepping to the side.

"I'm so sorry Morgan. You're gonna hate me." Dan said. He looked at his shoes.

"Morgan has tonight to pick whichever one directin member she wants to date!" Jerld said. I stood.

"What! I have to share everything with them! I will not date one of them!" I yelled. Jerold smiled.

"It's fake. Youre not actually dating them. If you say no I sign BOTH of you off." Jerold said smiling walking out. Paul and Dan looked at me.

"Cover your ears." Dan was a little late. I screamed. My lungs were falling out.

"Oh my god!" One of the bys yelled.

"Calm down." I felt two hands around me. I leaned into them crying.

"He it's okay." I reconized Nialls voice. I stepped back.

"Sorry." I said with a straight face.

"I will go get Liz. Go to your room." I did as Dan said. Ignoring everyone. I sat oon my bed and looked at my dresser. My door opened and closed. I looked Liz.

"I know it's alot. You have till tomorrow, or Jerold and Simon pick." Liz said. I looked at her.

"You agree with them." I whispered. She stood.

"Tell me in the morning." Liz said befre walking out. She was always on my side. I layed down. The door opened and closed. I looked up. Niall held two tubs of icecream. I sat up. He came over to me.

"There's two things I can do. Share this ice cream with you, or take off my shirt." He said. I laughed. He sat by me and gave me a tub of vanilla ice cream.

"My favorite." I said taking the spoon. Niall nodded.

"I do my reaserch." He said. I laughed. 

"I didn't mean to be so terrible back there." I said. Niall shrugged.

"All of find you wonderful, so whichever you choose is fine." Niall said. I looked at him.

"Thank you." I said. Niall stood. 

"Gotta use the loo." He walked out of the room. I put on my head phones listening to Lady Gaga while I wrote my music was my thing. Dan didn't get it. I looked at my empy ice cream tub. 

I'm frozen. Niall's face pops into my mind. His smile. His perfectness. 

*Later that night*

Evey one was in their beds. Zayn shared a roon with Liam and I. I tossed and turned.

I stood at the end of the cliff looking at rocky ground.

"It's endless." I saw Dan behind me. I looked down again. No ground anymore.

"Dan! Why did you do this?" I asked looking to where he was. He was gone.

"Management." I heard the whisper from all around me. 

"No!" I yelled. Jerold stood behind me.

"Sleep tight!" He said before kicking me over. 

I sat up drenched in sweat. Nightmares. I hate having them. They happened after the tradagy hat drove my family to how we are.

"Morgan?"I looked around. Liam was sitting up in bed. He was looking at me.

"Yeah." I whispered. Liam slipped out of his bed. 

"Are you okay?" He asked kneeling by my bed. I could see him right by my face.

"I had a nightmare." I whispered. He took my hand and put it to his mouth.

"It's all better now." He said before kissing my hand. He stood to go back to his bed. I caught his hand.

"Will you lay with me?" I asked. I scooted over. Liam crawled in bed with me. I looked at his face.

"You're really sweet." I whispered. He smiled.

"If you ever have a nightmare,find me." He said kissing the top of my head. Then I fell alseep in Liam's arms.

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