"Morgan. I need the bathroom!" Piper yelled banging on the door. I walked out of the bathroom in my bra and underwear. I knew Harry was out there on Piper's bed.

"Morgan!" Piper exclaimed. I bent over to get some pants.

"You shouldn't rush me." I said. She rolled her eyes.

"Mmmm! Morgan how.....Sexy!" Harry said. I threw my head back and laughed.

"Don't you wish you could tap this." I said tapping my butt. Harry licked his lips. I slid my shorts on. I pulled out a Las Vegas tank top. I slipped it on. I moused my hair. I looked in the mirror.

"Cloths or no cloths Liam is one lucky guy." Harry said. I rolled my eyes. 

"Did you take your cloths off for Harry?" Liam asked walking in. I ran and jumped on him. I kissed the tip of his nose. My legs were wrapped around his waist. He kissed me neck. It gave me shivers.

"Too much!" Harry exclaimed. He had his eyes covered. Liam licked my bottom lip.

"Liam! Stop." Harry yelled. I slid my body a little lower. I started to move my hips on his. 

"Stop! Stop! That's gross!" Harry kept yelling. 

"But you wanted to tap this earlier." I said jumping off of Liam. Liam's eyebrow indented.  Harry's eyes got wide.

"I was kidding."Harry said raising his hands. I jumped on the bed and slowly and seductivly crawled to Harry. Liam picked me up by the waist am put me on my bed.

"No no! Bad girl! You only sleep with Liam." Liam said. I giggled. Liam crawled on me and started kissing my jaw. I ram my hands through his hair. He laughed.

"I have to leave now before Harry see's" Liam whispered. She normaly stood. He reached the door and-

"LIAM HAS A BONER!"Harry yelled. Liam turned red. Piper came running out of the bathroom.

"What where?"She asked. Once shae saw ith she started dying.

"Morgan gave it to him!" Harry said. Liam came and sat back on my bed. No use in leaving if they already know. Liam kissed my cheek. The door opened and Montie and Louis walked in.

"LIAM HAS A HARD ONE!"Harry yeleed again. Louis started jumping up and son covering his face. Montie fell to the ground laughing so hard. Liam was red.

"Poor guy." Louis said.

"I bet if Montie touched you there you would have one!" I yelled. Louis raised his eyebrows.

"Monite! Come here." Louis said. Montie stood and slowly walked to him.

"Come on! I was kidding."I said. Montie was red.

"It woun't hurt her." Louis said. He started getting closer to her. She kept backing up. 

"Louis stop." I said grabbing his shoulder. He stoped. Montie looked scared.

"I'm sorry babe. I was just kidding." Louis said pulling her into a hug. Her hand ran over his junk. He pulled away . His friend had joined the party.

"MONTANA!"Louis yelled putting his hands over his area. Montie fell to the ground in laughter. I fell right beside her.

"That was mean!" Louis excliamed.

"Sorry Lou!" I said between fits of laughter. He sat by Liam with his leggs crossed.

"Jeffery likes to meet girls." Louis said looking away. We stopped.

"Jeffery...as in your...." I cut off. 

"Yeah! It's not like girls don't name their areas!" Louis yelled. Piper sat up straight.

"No! We just name our boobs. Heather and Mindy." Piper said gestering to her right boob. Liam cringed.

"So did you name your boobs? I just wanna know that way I can call them by their reall names." Harry said wiggling his eyebrows at me.

"Gross Harry!"I yelled. I jumped up. I sat by Liam. He wrapped his arms around me. I snuggled into his chest. Louis grabbed Montie's hands. Piper and Harry sat on oppisite sides of the bed.

"Just makeout already." Montana said reading my mind. Piper gave Montie a nasty look.

"Do it! Do it!" Louis yelled. Piper leaned forward and pecked Harry on the lips. Harry grinned like a mad man.





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