Two Years Later:

You're wondering what happened. Seperation. I never dated Niall. When the boys went back to London we lost touch. We still talk on twitter. That's it. Once the boys left the tour they got better. Louis and Montana got back together, but after I went home for a bit I didn't hear about them again. I didn't hear from Montana again. She moved to Florida. She has a band now. I look on twitter alot to see if she's okay. Piper is living in Cali on a beach. She is model/actress. Liz and Dan had a son about a year ago. He was born a day before me. His name is Scotty Morgan. They live in Maryland now. Dan got another job being a manager for a big company. I know what you are asking. Did I quite? No. I am still very popular. I took a break for about three months after the One Direction tour. Dan is still my manager. He works double time. Liz owns a daycare. I live in an penthouse in California. I spend my time here or in New york. My dad and his family live there. Destiny has grown. She hangs out all the time here. Her being sixteen she goes to an online high school. That way she can go back and forth from me to New York. Josh doesn't visit alot. He only comes for a week during the summer when dad and Brooke come. My life has changed. What's funny is I know Liam's fiance's older sister. Kenzi Marie Garrett. You may not know her. She is Tiffany Garrett's older sister. Liam is engaged to Tiffany. Kenzi is a model. We've went to a few parties together. She doesn't have the best relationship with her sister. That tour I thought would tie me to those people forever. It didn't last very long. I see Piper every now and again. It's just not the same. My designer Macie got married. She's on her honeymoon in Hawii. Ali my hairdresser still works for me. She had a daughter. Maddison. Maddison loves to come to work with her mom. Ali's divorced. He cheated on her. Typical. You may wonder how my love life is? Does saying Trenton count? We're not dating, just best friends. He has a girlfriend. Diana Jean. Her parents own our favorite cafe. We were eating there when she was our waitress. She was sweet. She understood Trenton's and I's relationship. So saying I really don't have a love life. I don't need one. I have music. 








I stood at the airport. Destiny was supposed to be coming to stay with me. When I saw her she grinned.She had her bags already. She walked over. We hugged. I looked at all her bags.

"I still have your owl earings, I wore them the other day." I said. She shrugged. I helped grabb some of her bags. We started putting them in my VW Bug. She jumped in the passenger seat. Me in the drivers.

"Ok. So show me it." I said turning to her. She shuffled things in her bag then pulled out her wallet. She opened it. There was a drivers lisence. Destiny's lisence. i smiled.

"We better clear the sidewalks before I let you drive." I said. She shook her head and pulled out her phone. We pulled out of the air port parking lot. She was still texting.

"Who is it?" I asked. She looked at me trying to hld down a smiled. I took a quick glance at her.

"His name is Randy. He is a med student." Destiny said. I raised my eyebrow for her to go on. 

"His family moved in the other penthouse in the building." She said. I nodded. They lived in a good sized penthouse. It was nothing like mine. There's had three rooms with attached bathrooms. They gave Josh the big room without a bathroom. One room is Destiny's. It's like a giat photo album. They have a room with a bathroom then there's my room. I have a room there. It's smaller than the other rooms with a bathroom, but that's because  I am barely there. It's like a luxiory hotel. Brooke desinged it for me. We pulled up to the apartment builing I live in. She jumped out. 

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