"Morgan. Get up." I heard whispering. I rolled over.

"Morgie. Come on get up. We have plans." I rolled over and saw Niall. He smiled.

"Morning princess." He joked. I did a little growl thing. Niall kissed me on the cheek. Then he left. I rolled over. Piper was asleep on her bed, and Montie asleep on the couch. I put on some jean shorts and a old cheer shirt. I slid on a Victoria's secret swetshirt. I braided my hair. I slipped into my black sparkly bobs. I applied little makeup. I grabbede my phone and money. I quietly opned my door and stepped outside. Niall was waiting. I walked up to him. He put his arm around my shoulders. We took the stairs. We walked to the intrance straight to the limo. Once we were in Niall handed the driver a piece of papaer.

"Niall, where are we going?" I asked. Niall kissed my cheek. I smiled.

"So what's up with Liam and you?"Niall aked. I looked at my phone. 9:30.

"What do you mean?" I asked. Niall shifted closer to me.

"Are you guys... an item? I know some peope sleep together but have no intensions to be in a relationship." Niall said. I shrugged.  I faced Niall.

"I don't know! He wants to sleep with me, butwhen we go out, ever pretending he acts like I have herpies!" I said. Niall smiled.

"He doesn't know the sexyness he's missing." Niall said leaning in closer. I could feel him breathing.

"Thank you Niall. I geuss this is why I love you." I said pecking his cheek. He smiled. he looked out the window behind me.

"We're here." Niall said. I turned and saw it. Universal Studios in California. I grinned.

"Niall! I've always wanted to come here!" I said. The limo driver took us to the drop off. We walked to the front.

"Niall Hornan. I have two tickets reserved." He said. The man in the stand asked for identification. He gave Niall the tickets and we started walking.

"Niall this is awesome!" I said as we handed another guy our tickets. We were in.

"I have always wanted to ride the jurrasic Park ride!" I said. Niall nudged me. I laughed.

"Let's go ride the ride!" Niall said pulling me away.




Five hours later:

"Niall that was so fun!" I said taking a bite out of my corndog. Niall chuckled.

"I hope that corndog taste good." He said.

"Okay last ride. Let's go." Niall said. We left the park. and got in the limo.

"Let's go get something to eat. Pizza?"He asked. I smiled. We pulled into a pizza parlor. When went inside. 

"Booth?" Niall asked. I nodded. We went to a booth in the back. It was nice. We ordered a medium cheese.

"I had fun today." Niall said taking a drink of his Dr. Peper. I grinned.

"Me too." I said while lightly kicking his shin. He chuckled.

"Niall Horan, why are you so perfect?" I asked. Niall shook his head.

"I'm not the perfect one here." Niall said. He reached across the table and grabbed my hand. I didn't pull away. I smiled. Niall smiled back.

"I like you Morgan." Naill said sqeezing my hand. I slipped my hand out of his. I looked out the window. Happy people all around.

"I'm sorry Niall. I love you! I do, but I need to figure things out with Liam first." I said looking at Niall. He looked hurt. He looked at the waitress bringing our food. 

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