I sat at my island looking through wedding magazines. Four days and Niall and I would be married. I had two issues. I had no maid of honor. I also couldn't choose between two wedding dresses. I really needed to get these things done. Destiny and Tristen walked into the kitchen and sat at the island across from me. I looked up and smiled.

"Hey whats up?"Destiny asked. I groaned.

"I'm dying! This is hard to figure out!"I complained. Tristen chuckled. I rubbed my temples. 

"When are your bridesmaids going dress shopping?"Tristen asked. Destiny frowned. Honestly I haden't asked Destiny to be a bridesmaid. I had Piper,Kenzie,Montana, and Diana. My main delema was if I wanted Brooke or Montana to be my maid of honor.

"I can't decide about my maid of honor! Brooke or Montana."I said. Destiny looked at her hands.

"What's wrong Destiny?"I asked. She looked at me and half smiled.

"I'm just hoping everything in your wedding goes great." Destiny said. I grinned.

"Why don't you two come shopping with us and be our judges?"I asked. Trusten squeeled. Destiny wasn't very enthused.

"Sure."She said meloncoly. They ran off to go get cleaned up. I looked at the magazine. I needed to decide. Quickly.





At the mall:

We were in Stanleys a dress store. We were looking through the racks.

"What were your colors again?"Tristen asked. I rolled my eyes. This was the third time she asked.

"Red gray and black."I said. She nodded.Once we had all the dresses we though they could try on we went to the dressing room area. I sat by Destiny. Brooke sat n the other side of me. Piper walked out with a black strapless dress. It came to mid thigh.

"I like the color! Maybe wear white heels."Destiny critqued. I nodded.

"Same thoughts. You're good. Next! I yelled. Piper went back into her changing room. Next came Kenzie. She wore light gray mid arm dress. It had a deep v cut. It was tight around top then flowed out from her waist down. It went to her knees. She did a small turn.

"If you do a small braid in your hair that will look great!"Destiny said. I tilted my head. I saw where she thought the braid would work. Kenzie turned to me.

"Absolutly! Add the braid too! I'm thinking black shoes."I said. Kenzie smiled.

"I love this dress!"She exclaimed. She went into her dressingroom.

"Next!"I yelled. Out came the gorgeous Diana. She wore a red dress that went past her knees. The sleeves were like t-shirt sleeves. The sleeves were cut underneth for fashion fun. She walked across the floor with her hands on her hips. I laughed.

"That looks beautiful! Don't wear tights with it."Destiny instructed. Diana nodded.

"Tights would make you look too white. It looks fabulous!"I said. She nodded. I looked at Destiny. All her ideas were great! I'm glad I have her.

"Morg."Destiny snapped me out of my thoughts.

"Next!"I yelled. Montana casually walked out. She wore a black one sleeved dress. It went to above her knee. It looked wonderful. 

"Montie. That looks great! I love it!"I exclaimed. Destiny nodded. Brooke patted my leg.

"Let's see the two dress from you!"She said. I went into the dressingroom with the big whit dresses. I put on the heart shaped top. The bottom half wasstraight down The back half dragged behind. I walked out. Everything froze. All the girls were grinning.

"That's gorgeous!"Brooke exclaimed.Destiny snapped a picture.

"Let's see the next one!"She commanded. I went into my dressingroom. I slipped it off with little difficulty. I put on the other dress.The top half was a body hugger. It had small white netting on it. The bottom half was huge. It had black underneth the white. It looked amazing with my eyes. I stepped out and again everyone's eyes were on me. They were frozen.

"That's it."Destiny said. I clapped my hands. Everyone nodded..

"I'm so happy!"I said. Everyone laughed.

"Now for the reveiling of my maid of honor."I said. Everyone became tense. I looked at Brooke. She was grinning. Montana sat with her legs crossed. She was sitting up. I grinned.

"DESTINY!"I yelled. Everyone errupted into cheers. Destiny ran and hugged me. I held her.

"I love you so much!"She exclaimed. I laughed.

"I have the perfect dress."I said. I went into my dressing room and changed back into my regular cloths. I came out with a dress. I handed it to Destiny to try on. I sat by Tristen and Montana. Montana leaned her head on my shoulder. Destiny walked out. She wore a mid thigh dress. It was zebra print with a red belt. She came out grinning ear to ear. Brooke started clapping. I laughed. Destiny ran into my arms. I was so happy!

"I love you too."







Hey guys! So excited!!!! THE WEDDING IS GONNA BE AWESOME!!! I'M SO SAD!! IT'S ALMOST OVERRRRR!!! NO!!!!!!! Love you guys!!

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