"Morg... wake up. Morgan! Wake up!"

I rolled over and looked at Dan. He smiled. 

"Morning sunshine! Meeting with Jerold in an hour and a half." He said walking out of the room.  I looked at my alrm clock. 7:30. I uncovered my body slowly trying to get myself up. I sat up and heard a knock on the door. Alison looked in. 

"Great you are up! I have your outfit picked out in your closet. Macie is ready to do your hair anytime." She smiled and shut the door. I got up and looked at the closet. I walked over and opened the doors. I walked in and saw the outfit Ali picked on the couch. I quickly slipped into the cut outfit. A yellow regular t shirt with black jean shorts with suspenders. My favorite touch, the black open toed pumps. I loved the cute out going outfits. I sat infront of my vanity mirror, I saw me, the same me underneth makeup, and fame. 

"You are beautiful." I turned and looked at Macie. She came up beside me and started tossing my hair around. 

"Want an updo? Or your hair down?" She always ask already knowing what she wants to do.

"How about a fishtail braid for over the shoulder!" She said starting to braid. She already knew.

After she did my hair she turned me to do my makeup. No eye shadow, just bass and maskera. I looked in the mirror.

"You are always beautiful." I turned and smiled at Macie.

*thirty minuted later*

"Smile, say nice things. Lala said his tie is new too! So compliment him!" Dan said digging in his bag for something.

"Dan! Calm down she will be okay." Liz looked at me and smiled. I had had multiple meetings with Jerold before. I'm not nervous only because he never talks to me. He barely knows I am there.  

"Dan what is this meeting even about?" Usually we had meetings about tours, concerts, photo shoots things like that. 

"It about....um.... I actually don't know. He just said to come." I looked at Liz. Now I was getting worried. He always told us over the phone. We hardly ever even went to the meetings for big things, only small tiny details. It was always disscused over the phone first.

*Fifteen minutes later*

We pulled up infront of the building. Tons of fans were wearing pink and holding posters. I stepped out of the limo to screaming fans. I smiled and waved. I walked down the little path way between the two crowds of fans being held back by body gaurds. I looked forward to the doors. We pushed open the doors and felt a cool breeze. We walked up to Jerolds meeting room.

"I have to go sit in the waiting room, good luck." Liz said before walking away. The door swung open to reviel Simon. Jerolds younger brother, and work partner. I always liked Simon.

"Welcome come in!" He said taking Dan's hand. Walked in and sat down. Jerold was sitting at the top of the table Simon at the bottom.

"My clients will be here shortly." Simon said. After waitin a couple minutes the door opened. In came an older ma I had seen walking the building before with five boys behind him. I looked at Dan. He shrugged.

"Thank you all for being here. I have called you all here becaus I have come to an amazing idea." Dan sat up looking at Jerold as he spoke. The guys were all settled in and setted listening. Simon was interested too.

"Before I go on I will introduce my client Morgan Pierce and her manager Daniel Barns." Jerold looked at us and smiled. I looked at  Simon.

"These are my clients One direction with their manager Paul." Simon said.

Jerold pulled out a paper.

"I hold in my hand a documation of One direction mishap. I feel it is my duty to either expel One direction from our funding and record deal." The guys started to shout and get mad. What did this have to do with me? 

"We are one direction! You can't stop funding for us!" The one with curly hair said. 

"OR!" Jerold yelled.

"Or come together for a tour." Jerold said sitting back.

"Excuse me Jerold, what does this have to do with Morgan and I?" Dan asked putting his pen down.

"Aha! Morgan Pierce will sign to go on a summer tour with One direction." Jerold said looking pleased with himself. I looked at the five boys.

"What if I object?" I asked. Jerold smiled.

"They leave the company." He said putting his arms behind his head. The one direction members looked at me. I had heard of them before. I clearly didb't have a favorite, but I did have a thing fot the Irish blonde. 

"After lunch Dan you and your client dieced." Jerold said getting up and walking away.

"I am going to go talk to Liz and get us a salad." Dan said with wide eyes looking away. Simon and Paul soon walked out to get lunch also.  It was me and the guys now.

"Hi um... I am Liam Payne, member of One direction. Can we disscuse the issue here?" He asked. I looked at him. 

"Sure fine, what do we need to disscuse?" I asked sarcasticly.

"We will make a deal, if we can go on tour together, you can choose the places we go, the bus everything, just let us go." Liam said. He had his fist together. He was almost begging.  I rolled my eyes.

"Disscusion over." I said getting up walking away dramaticly. I walked to the waiting room. Dan and Liz sat talking. Dan saw me and ushered me over. I sat by Liz.

"Heres the thing I don't want you to look bad for ruinning their carrer, so I think we should try the tour thing." He said seriously.

"Heres the deal, I do the tour, but I pick the places, and everything like that,  and you lay off make back a little." I said looking him dead in the eyes.

"Where did you come up with that deal?" He asked me.

"I just talked with the guys I am ready to say yes and start a tour for my publicity. Are we good?" I asked Dan. He smiled.

"Lets go make a deal."

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