Three weeks later:


Montie and I sat on my bed looking at shoes on my computer.

"Ooo! Those!" She exclaimed pointing at the black pumps. I grinned. 

"Your style sometimes scares me." I said. She faked being insulted.

"When's Piper coming?" Montie asked looking at her watch. Piper was like my best friend in the world. Tied with Montie. She was working with Macie in my Fashion. She was also working on being a model. If anything she might be too tall. She had like super long legs. She was tan. She had beautiful long light brown hair. She likes sometimes to show off her skin color. She was gorgeous.

"If she brings chocolate, I am gonna marry her." Montie said grabbing my laptop and looking at more shoes. I stood and pulled out my phone. I looked at my lock screen. It was of Montie and I at the mall whereing matching leggings and posing with a male stripper. It was a fun time. My home screen was of Macie, Piper, Ali, Montie, and I in the dressing room sitting on the ground looking in magazines. That's like ritual on concert days. Chillax. Our door flung open and Piper stood there. Montie squeeled.

"Piper! Just in time! Bring me any chocolate?" Montie asked. Piper grinned.

"Just for you." Piper said reaching in her purse and pulling out a Hershey's bar. She flung her puse on the other bed. She on the bed Montie and I were sitting on. Piper pulled out her phone and smiled.

"I just got a free table at Russlles!" Piper exclaimed. Montie grinned. For a girl that looked like bone she eats alot. 

"Bring the boys and we'll go." She said. I looked at the time. 11;30.

"Reservation is at 7. Lets go shopping!" Piper said standing up again. Luckily Montie and I already looked decent for shopping. We agreed.

"I can go buy those heels!" Montie yellled. I rolled my eyes. Piper just looked at her.

"I can't let you buy those while you shop with me." Piper joked. We grabbed our stuff and went to get a cab. Montie was pro cab caller.




We walked back into the hotel rom to see it was 4 o'clock. 

"I gotta call the guys." I said pulling out my phone. I dialed Liam.

"Hello. You're on speacker." Liam said into the phone.

"Hey dress nice we're going out. All the boys too." I said. Liam agreeed and hung up. I turned around and the girls had makeup and hair stuff every where. We changed into our small little cute dressed. Piper in an orangeish read to shine of her skin. Navy for Montie to make her look darker. I wore a one sleaved back and white dress. Piper says it maked my eyes pop. I giggled at myself in the reflection. 

"Lets do hair now." Piper said. 




We walked inside Russelles. The guys were to meet us here. We followed Piper to the Host desk. She took us to a table in the back. Mostly seperated from people. Montie sat beside me and Piper sat at the head. The boys walked in and sat. Liam beside me, Niall infront of me, Louis to the left of Niall, infront of Montie. Harry sat to the right of Niall. Zayn sat at he other head of the table across from Piper. nce everyone sat Harry looked at Piper.

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