So what did i miss

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Ali's p.o.v

I got checked out of the hospital around noon. The doc said I have to take pain medication and take it easy for the next week or so.

•2days later•

We arrived at the house from getting new prescriptions. I walked in through the door. I still avoided all the mirrors. I didn't want to know how I looked. I slowly made my way up stairs and in my room. I collapsed on my bed. As if on Q aunt Sally walked up stairs with my meds and water. And my phone.

A moment passed then she asked me a question I had no desire to answer.

"Are you going to tell me what happened.?". I shrugged.

"Okay when you're ready" she said patting my knee and walking away closing my door. I sighed and turned on my phone. I had kept it off since that day.

17missed calls


All from calum and mikey. Looked like they are the only ones who cared.

I replied to calum and Mikey's texts telling them I was fine.

'Nope we're coming over' cal said.

Great now they can see me. I walk over to the window sill and sit looking out to the beach.

About 15 minutes later I heard the door bell ring and a door open. I could faintly hear aunt Sally talking to the boys.

"She's uh up in her room." I heard her sniffle

"Is something wrong?" I heard mikey ask.

"She she's just don't ask her to much questions." I heard the door close again and I heard foot steps coming towards the door.

"Hey ali" mikey whispered.

"Why are you whispering?" I heard calum ask.

"I don't know"

"Guys I'm right here" I said still facing the window moving my hair to cover my face.

"Babe what's wrong" calum whinned.


"Liar!" Mikey jokingly said causing me to flinch. Those were the words my father said to me before he started hitting me.

"Hey what are these for" calum asked walking away. He brought back my medicine. Awesome(<- sarcasm)

"Um those are nothing." I quickly said grabbing the bottle from him. I felt my hair fly away from my face. I knew the boys had seen.

"Alison what happened!?!" Michael asked in shock standing up.

"N- nothing"

"It sure as hell doesn't look like nothing!" Calum cut in.

"Wh-who did this"

"It doesn't matter"

"Yes it does just tell us" calum said

"Fine! You want to know!?" I said raising my voice. I was getting annoyed.

"Yes!" They said together

"Fine!... It was my father" I said quieting my voice and looking down.

"What.. I thought you said you're parents died?" Mikey asked.

"No. I um..." Here it goes might as well tell them "i sorta might have maybe ran away when I was younger and was homeless for a couple years and ended up here."


"Why?" They asked

"Abusive drunken parents who could careless about me."

"Awe babes were so sorry" mikey said pulling me in a hug. Calum joined in.

After a minute I pulled away

"So what did I miss? How was the gig?"

"It was amazing! Sam wouldn't shut up about how amazing we were!" Michael laughed. But all I could think about was luke and that girl.

"Um what about l-luke?" I sheepishly asked. The boys looked at each other.

"He Erm seemed kinda upset cos he said you guys were arguing and he Erm left with sam after flirting with a girl" calum mumbled. Rubbing his neck and looking down

"Why would he have leave with her" I asked. "I mean I saw him with the other girl"

Calum looked at me quizzically.

"When I ran off I saw a girl all over him and him grinning.... I take it he doesn't care about me anymore. Neither does sam or ashton" I said feeling tears building.

"I didn't get any calls or texts from sam or Luke"

"Babe that's not true... Ashton asked about you." Michael said.

I huffed. "Whatever...I'm putting makeup on." I got up and walked to the bathroom and pulled my hair up. I looked up in the mirror.

My jaw dropped. I didn't even like me.

"Ali why are you-" calum stopped talking when he saw me looking in the mirror.

"I - I'm not me." My voice cracked. I covered my mouth. Looks like the old man did worse than I thought.

"I - I - " I was cut off by calum pulling me in a hug.

"Shhhh it's okay it's ok" he said holding me close. I wrapped my arms around his neck.

I tightened my grip I didn't want to let go of him.

"Babe, Ali. alison, to tight"

I pulled away "sorry" I sniffled wiping my tears.

"So why were you going to put makeup on?"

"So I could go talk to luke...tell him I don't think it's working out."

"Ohh okay"

Calum's p.o.v (you're welcome!)

I couldn't help but pull Alison in a hug. Since I first met her I thought she was beautiful.

When she said she was basically going to break up with Luke. Was it bad i was actually kind of glad?

I bent down and whispered in her ear. "I have an idea"

It might have been a but mean but get he deserved it for walking away with sam and getting another girls number.

Ali's p.o.v

"I have an Idea" calum whispered in my ear.

I gotta say the plan was actually quite good. The plan was to make luke jealous. Fingers crossed it will work.

I did my makeup the best I could to cover everything. I straightened out my hair again. I changed with mikey and cal's help of course. Mikey even agreed to help with the plan.

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