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So I was walking out of school with my friends once the bell rang I waited a bit for my mom and then I got in the car and checked twitter I saw 5sos tweeted

@5SOS: So like, does anyone want a follow? ☺️😘 rt

And I retweeted and like 5minutes later my phone buzzed and I checked it and its said

@5sos follows you!

And I started shaking but then I thought oh it's just a fake parody acct. and then I clicked on the user and saw it had the little verified sign and I started freaking out like I legit screamed and my mom thought I was dying or something and I started shaking even more bc ya know THE 5SOS BAND ACCOUNT JUST FOLLOWED ME and I was on my phone non stop and telling my bestie and put it in my bios and stuff and I was thinking about DMing them and thanking them for everything they've done for me, and I just sent then the DM :

Hi I just wanted to say thank you guys so much for following me!It means so much to me.You all have helped me through so much.I love you all

And then I remembered about the stupid time zones that it's like 2am over there and like 9pm here in Georgiaaaa

And I've been on my phone checking everything and I just thought Id tell y'all and I just cannot even I keep thinking it's just my imagination,

And I keep checking bc I'm afraid they will unfollow me. BUT THEY HAVEN'T!!!!! so yeah. Still not able to totally process it all

I will try and update sooooonnnnn

U guys can follow my

twitter- @peytonmichellex

Instagram- peytonnnmichelle

Tumblr- 5sosneverland

Gifboom- peytonnnmichelle

And if u guys need anything u guys can kik me @plep19

So yeahhhhh

I just really wish I knew who was on the band acct and who pressed follow

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