How am i so lucky

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Calum decided to stay the night since aunt Sally had once again the night shift. I still felt like complete shit, but Calum made that feeling go away. just a little.

I of course woke before Calum did. we stayed up late last night watching movies and recorded tv shows. His arm was slung around my waist and his other hand under his head. his body was quiet twisted. in all honesty he looked uncomfortable. I rolled off my stomach and on to my side to properly look at him.

His lips were puffed out and eyebrows pushed together with his hair tousled and pieces sticking up . he looked so peaceful. I hesitantly moved my hand to hover over his hair. he had one long piece over his eyes. I moved his hair out of his face. He mumbled something under his breath and stirred. I moved my hand back, afraid of waking him. I set my hand back on the mattress. He moved his hand from around my waist and seemed to look for something. He grasped my hand and moved it back to his cheek and wrapped his arm over my waist again and pulling my closer avoiding any space.

"You weren't asleep were you?" I quietly asked

"Nope" he had his eyes still closed and smirked. I smiled at him. He couldn't see it though. I kissed his cheek where my hand was.

"Mmmm" he groaned.

"Well do you want breakfast or not?" I asked. his eyes shot open.

"You shouldn't even have to ask" he responded with all seriousness in his voice.

"Okay then. breakfast it is." I said pulling the sheets off me.

"Nooooo" he whined like a child.

"Whaattt caluuuummmm" I mimicked him.

"Don't leave" he pouted.

"Fine. only a couple more minutes I'm getting hungry." I faked sighing. he smiled. I cuddled closer to him. my head was under his neck. And his arms protectively around me and mine also wrapped around him not wanting to let go.

"Are you playing with my hair?" I asked after a moment of silence and feeling something tugging my hair.

"It's just so pretty.and soft.. why don't you dye it back to natural?"

I shrugged. "I don't know I might getting kind of tired of seeing reddish pink run down the shower drain from the fading color"

I could feel him nod.

"Soo about that breakfast thing" he asked. I fake hitting him. he faked to be hurt.

"Alright what do you you want?" I asked looking up to him.

"Hmmm" he seemed to be thinking quite hard about this.

"How bout some pancakes... oh oh oh annnnddd waffles...from the mixy stuff"

He sounded like a four year old.

"an adorable four year old" he said.

"Did I say that out loud?"

"YeP" he said popping the 'p'

"Alright then lemme go fix you some pancakes and waffles"

"Mkay ill be down in a minute." he hesitantly removed his arms from my waist. I slid on some sweat pants and thin jacket. I walked down to the kitchen and pulled up my hair.

I walked to the pantry (the closet thing that holds all the non frozen foods) and pulled out the mixes needed. I set everything on the island counter. I opened the powder mix for the pancakes.i started playing my music on shuffle. I tuned and put butter on the pan when I heard foot steps coming down the stairs.

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