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Luke's p.o.v (sadie from awkward voice:''you're welcome'')

I left Alison's house walking home I couldn't help but think about her. I felt a breeze against my arms. I realised I forgot my jacket, which had my house keys in it. Great. I turned around and walked back to her house. I was there in about five minuets. I rang her doorbell. No answer. I tried texting her. No response. I remembered where she hid the extra key. I unlocked the door and walked in.

"Alison!?" I yelled. Again No answer. I couldn't find my jacket downstairs so I walked up stairs. I knocked in her door. Maybe she's just asleep. I opened her door slowly. And then I saw her. Blood every where. I ran to her. She looked to be passed out.

"Please don't die" I whispered. Leaning to listen to her heart beat. She's alive. I pulled out my phone and quickly dialled 911. I told them the address and everything. They arrived within 20 minuets. By then panic had taken over me. She had to be rushed to the ER I asked if I could ride with her. They hesitantly agreed. Once we were in the ER they told me I had to wait. I sat down. And I pulled out my phone again. How am I supposed to tell Sally? Or kayley? Or the boys? I took a deep breath. I dialled Sally's number. Where she worked wasnt too far away so she could possibly be here soon.


"H-hi" I choked out

"Luke? What's wrong?"

"I- it's Alison.." I took a deep breath Afraid I would break down crying. "She- she's" I sniffled "we are at the ER"

I heard a gasp. "Okay ill be there as soon as I can."

I nodded knowing she couldn't see me. "Okay" I choked out. I Hung up.

I called kayley and told her. She said she was in her way. When I dialled Calum's number I lost it. I held my head in my hand.

"Hiya lukey"

"H-hey" I studdered

"Aye man you okay?"

"Are the boys with you?"


"Okay erm I need you guys to come to the ER I- it's Alison" I then completely lost it. I broke down crying.

"Wha- what? O-okay we're coming down now" I hung up.

"Is anyone here for Alison henderson?"

I looked up "I am"

"We'll she's asleep right now-" I cut the nurse off.

"Can I see her"

she nodded and led me to her room. I saw ali hooked up to machines. And a heart monitor. She didn't look the same. I walked closer to her bed. I pulled up a chair so I was closer to her. I grabbed her hand.

"I'm so sorry I should have stayed later" I whispered with my forehead on her hand. I kissed her hand.

"Ill always be beside you I promise"

I slowly fell asleep.

I woke up to see Sally, Sam and mikey all Jammed in this room.

"Hey sleepyhead" Sally gently smiled. I looked over to Alison. Still sleeping.

"How long has it been?" I asked looking back to sally.

"I got here about 10 and doctors said you both got here about 9:40ish...and it's about 3 now"

"Am?" I asked.

She shook her head "No"

"Where's cal and ash?" I asked

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