Movie date for 6

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Michael texted Luke, sam, and ashton to meet us at the movies.
I grabbed my sunglasses and slid on Calum's All Time Low shirt. Luckily he happened to have an extra shirt in his car. I also happened to maybe catch a glimpse of Calum'a ab's. I mean woah. He was ripped. I slid on jeans vans and his beanie.

We were set to go.

We arrived at the theater about a half hour later.

I took a deep breath. I was nervous. "ready?" cal asked looking over smilin at me.
"As ill ever be" I faked a smile. hell I was no were near ready. lets just hope calum does most of the talking. Mikey cal and I stepped out of the car.
As we neared the theater I could see the familiar blonde quif that belonged to the one and only Lucas hemmings
And the short dirty blonde hair that belonged to my best friend sam. of course there was also ashton on his phone.

"And the plan is a go" calum whispered in my ear.
I couldn't help but giggle.

"Sup guys" mikey said as we finally reached the theater.

"Ali! where ya been!?" ash asked engulfing me in a hug.
"Uh home?" I said hugging back.
He let go and I looked over to see sam and Luke standing behind every one. almost as if they were trying to hide.
Why would they be doing that I asked my self.
"So movie?" calum asked.
"Yeah movie" I smiled and we walked in. I blast of cold air and scents of freshly buttered and popped popcorn greeted us.

We handed the girl our tickets and we walked to our theater. we all gathered to the back. there was literally no one else in there. We sat accordingly: sam, mikey, me, cal,and Luke. why are sam and Luke acting so weird?

The movie began. I heard a loud yawn. and so did everyone else. Everyone turned to look at calum. calum did the most cheesiest thing I thought he would never do. the oldest trick in the book. the yawn and reach.

Way to be settle cal. I thought

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