If looks could kill

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Once the movie was over we walked out of the theater where cold air wrapped around us like sweaters.

"So Erm what now" michael asked shivering and rubbing his hands together trying to keep warm.

I shrugged. I still hadn't heard much from Luke or sam. there was a moment of mumbling "it's up to you guys" and "doesn't matter to me"

"How bout some food"

"Mkay" 's and "That's fine with me" 's were shared.

We agreed to Taco Bell. (hey ya gotta live mas)

We all walked over to the parking lot.

"Ali wanna ride with us?" ashton asked while Michael was hugging him.

"Ashy you were gonna ride with us!" mikey exclaimed.

"Um I it's fine whatever y'all want" great there's that southernness coming out I thought. everyone looked at me wide eyed.

"Woah" ashton said.

"What?" I asked rubbing my arms to create warmth. I felt an arm snake around my shoulders. it was calum.

"We've never heard that country accent or sling y'all use up in 'murica" calum mimicked me. I smirked and lightly elbowed him. he faked to be hurt. I saw out the corner of my eye Luke glare at calum. and if looks could kill, calum would be Long Gone.

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