'Calls for a celebration'

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It's monday. I'm in class and can't stop thinking about Saturday's band practice. Apparently Ashton and his ex met up to try and figure things out Friday and that's why he didn't show up.pretty sure they are officially over. And now Luke has a girlfriend.

The bell rang disturbing me from my thoughts. I huffed and got my things together and walked to my locker. I noticed none if the boys were hanging by their lockers waiting on me. I know I shouldn't care, yet I do. They have their own things to deal with. Not poor Alison who doesn't have family or friends.

I really need to stop.

"Hi!" I felt a tap on my shoulder. Sam. I'd made friends with her last week.and we were now like sisters. She's like me. In a way I guess. No running away from family is the only difference.

"Hey!" I faked a smile. I'm now a pro at faking things.

"What's wrong?" She asked quite motherly

"Nothing" I lied.

"Liar. I know a fake smile when I see one." She said crossing her arms

"It's just-" I looked down feeling a lump form in my throat. "It- it's just I- I don't know I feel so alone." I said quietly still looking down.

"Awe babes it's ok I'm here" I felt arms wrap around me. I hugged her back. I can't break down now. Ever since I moved here I've been weak. I fall to pieces over everything.

"C'mon lets go to gym" I nodded and closed my locker. We were walking to gym when I saw luke and MacKinze (his gf) I felt like I was being stabbed in the back. Why would he kiss me if he had a girl friend? Did he like me? What about ashton? Did he even like me? I need to stop over reacting. I mean nothing to them now.

"He could do so much better" Sam whispered in my ear causing me to chuckle. When we arrived to gym we had a minute to get dressed out. We both ran to get ready.

"20 seconds to spare." We hi fived. I saw calum with a group of friends. We hadn't talked since saturday. Coach blew the whistle.

"Alright listen up!when I call your name come over here!" He said pointing to the wall behind him.

"Alex, chris, Tristan,-" I started to zone out not really caring what coach was saying till I heard a certain name. "And calum!...congratulations boys you made soccer team" I saw Calum's face. The biggest smile I'd ever seen from him. I ran up to him

"Congrats! I knew you could do it!"

"I can't believe it! I did it! YESSS!" He screamed causing me to laugh

"All thanks to your drill timing skills!" He winked

"Hah awe nah it's all you"

"Mm nope" he said picking me up from the waist and spinning me around. When he finished I looked up. He was looking at me. I realised how close we actually were. I was against his chest with his arms around me. I looked in his big brown eyes. He was leaning in I was too...

Then FML the damn coach blew his whistle.

"Another announcement when I call your name walk over here" he said pointing to the bleachers.

"Karen, lizabeth, Alexis-" coach said a couple more before i listened again. "Sam, aaaanndd Alison" Kayley and I looked at watch other. We walked over to where we were told.

"Congrats you girls made track team this year" he said writing on his clipboard. My jaw dropped. Sam started to laugh.

"What" I laughed

"Your face you were all" she tried looking like me. It was actually pretty funny. I felt arms pick me up from behind. I squealed.

"Haha I knew you could to it!" I knew the voice immediately. Calum. He set me down and I turned around to face him.

"And it's all thanks to you timing me" I smiled

"Yea I am pretty bad ass at that" he said flipping his hair.

We all laughed

"Wait!" Sam yelled. Calum and I looked at her.

"This calls for a celebration!" I looked at calum. He shrugged.

"Tonight? My place? Aunt Sally's got a night shift again."

"Okay I'm down. Want me to see if the boys could come?"

I shrugged "sure how bout 7ish?"

"Kay ill text them" calum said pulling out his phone.

"Then it's settled!" Sam squealed engulfing me and calum in a group hug.

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