Lazy day

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Calum and I were still curled up together on the floor when the song ended. our hands were intertwined as I studied how big his hands were compared to mine. my head was leaned against his chest. his beating heart followed a rhythm I could listen to forever. we sat there covered in flour for what seemed as ages.

I let out a slow sigh.

"What is it babe?" he whispered to my ear.

"Nothing, just - I'm not sure Of what to do now"

"What do you mean?" he asked

"Like I said, not sure what"

It was a moment before he responded

"C'mon let's wash this flour off"

"Mmmm I don't want to get up. I want to stay here with you forever" I whined snuggling closer in to him.

"Well let's shower and we can have a lazy day" he said

I looked up to see him smirking.

"Mr. hood when did you become so blunt?" I asked smiling.

Instead of saying anything he picked me up bridal style and rushed me up stairs

No we didn't do it in the shower. (You dirty pervs A/N I'm not good at writeing smut sooooo) Well, Calum tried but I pushed him off. He understood why. I hadn't done it in awhile, it scared me too much. instead there was just us hugging and a little bit of making out.

It was nice not being pressured.

We were curled in bed watching netflix when his phone rang.

"Hello?" He picked up.

"Yeah. dude I don't knoww I'm having a lazy day with ali"

He hesitated.

"I'll call you back."

He pressed end call.

"What was that?"

"Ash want me over for band practice." he sighed.

"Well then go. your band needs you!" I said trying to sit up but Calum pulled me back down.

"But I don't want to leave you" he puppy dog eyes and pouted at me.

I pouted back.

"Sorry babe"

"Fine I'll go come with"

I looked at Calum surprised.

"I don't think that's such a good I-" I was cut off by Calum whining.

"Pleaseeeee!! I promise I won't let the boys near youuuuu!!!! please for meeeee"

we began a staring match to see who would give in.

I was determined I wasn't going to go. I was perfectly fine being in my pjs watching netflix.

But his big brown eyes and messy hair ohhhh and that pouty face!

"Fine!" I said giving up And rubbing my eyes. He cheered in victory


After we got ready we hurried out the door and arrived at Ashton's in about half an hour.

"Hey man! ali" ashton smiled as he opened the door.

"We're all down stairs" he said leading us down to his basement.

We walked in on something I didn't in a million years want to see.

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