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"You have an amazing voice" I said breaking the silence.

"Thanks" he smiled. "I'm sorry about Ashton"

I shrugged.

"I really am I don't know what's up with him he's been weird ever since he and his girlfriend broke up"

"Oh "

We walked up to my door

"You wanna come in" I asked opening the door

"Sure" he said walking in.

"Ill be right back" I said running up to my room. I pulled out a basic All time low long sleeved shirt. I took off my nirvana shirt when I heard something. I turned to see Luke standing in the door way.

"Oh erm I'm s-sorry" he stuttered

I quickly slid my shirt on before he could see -

"Ali what are those" he asked. Shit.fml.

"W- what are what" I asked putting my shirt over my head.

"Roll up your sleeves." Hesitantly I did as I was told. He walked over and grabbed my wrists.

"W- why?" He looked up at me with tears in his eyes.

"You wouldn't understand" I said pulling my sleeves down.

"C'mon try me just tell me" I walked over and sat on my window sill and he sat in front of me.

"So ?"

I took a deep breath and began. "I was 10 when it all started. My mom was an alcoholic and my dad was..um....abusive." I looked out the window. Looking at the beach I saw a little girl and I think her mom playing. I felt a tear building up I quickly wiped it away.

"Is that why you-"he asked. I nodded.

"I um had enough when I was 12 I came home from school one day and my mom was drunk. Again. And throwing bottles to the wall. My dad stormed in and was yelling at me. Saying it was my fault my mom was like this. He pushed me up against the wall and grabbed broken beer bottle glass." I paused and held my stomach I could still remember how it felt. The glass against my skin.I wiped the tears.

"He put me down and started to um hit me when he was done I ran upstairs and grabbed a change of clothes and I left. I ran to florida.i stole a couple things. Sold them. Did things I'm not proud of .of course. When i was 14 I got enough money to get a ride for a taxi...to LA. I tried sneaking on a plane. I got caught and they almost called my parents I begged them not to. They looked me up and found I had an aunt. So they flew me out here."

I looked to luke. He had tears streaming down his face.

"I - im"

"I don't want your pity" I said kind of harshly but my voice cracking and failing terribly.trying not to break down crying.

"I'm sorry ali" he whispered. He got up and was about to walk away when I grabbed his arm. He looked back at me with teared eyes

"Please don't tell anyone" I whispered. I got up and hugged him. I couldn't help myself. I think it took him a minute to figure out what was happening. He finally hugged back. And I lost it. I broke down crying. I've been holding back the tears for years. And now I meet this guy I've known for a day and I've told him things I wouldn't tell my best friend(if I had one) or family.

"Shh. It's ok. You're far away from them... I'm here...it's ok" he cooed rubbing my back.

I looked up to him not caring what I looked like or if my eyes were puffy.

"Thank you... You're the only person I've told." I laid my head on his arm and waited before saying, "I'm sorry"

He pulled away and looked at me,"what for?"

"For telling you all this. Now you'll be different. You'll think she's weak and stupid for not telling or she's just out for attention" I finished sniffling and looking away. He grabbed my chin so I was looking at him again.

"I'm glad you told me. And I would never think all that." I gave a light and weak smile. He leaned in close to my face. I leaned in too. Our lips met. It was amazing. My first kiss. That actually meant something.I felt butterflies in my stomach and in a trance. He pulled away. He smiled and I but my lip and then smiled.

I think I just might love this boy.

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