Truth or dare

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Once school was out I walked home and changed in to my lacrosse things. My blue 'lacrosse est. 1890' sweatshirt and black running shorts. I checked my phone. 6pm.Kayley and the guys should be here. I walked to my bathroom and fixed my hair. I walked down the stairs and turned on the tv. Just as I was getting comfy the doorbell rang.

"Ugh" I mumbled getting up to answer the door.

Once everyone showed up I pulled out blankets and pillows and laid them out on the ground infront of the tv. I popped popcorn and brought some drinks back. We decided on truth or dare to play.

"So who's first!?" Sam asked

"Eh ill go first" Michael said shrugging

"Erm Alison truth or dare?"

Truth or dare? Do I really trust mikey to dare me? Not yet, "um truth?" I slightly smiled

"Okay erm are you a virgin" my smile dropped automatically.

"N- no" I said looking down

"Ohh juicey how? With who?!" Kayley asked. I glanced up to see Luke looking at me concerned.

" Nothing special-" no nothing special at all.

"C'mon tell us!"

"Um I was 14 and at this party... We were really drunk." beyond wasted, "uh yeah just met this guy and yeah went from there"

"Okay don't tell us" mikey said jokingly. I was still looking down. The story was sorta true.


I was 14 in Florida. i was low on money.I was walking around and found this house that looked to be having a huge party. I had my bag that had all my clothes and other shoes. I walked over and thought they would have food and water. I walked in and the smell of vomit, liquor and sweat filled my nostrils. I picked up a red cup filled with clear liquid. (Me being stupid thought it was water) I took a big gulp of it . I suddenly felt dizzy and I kinda enjoyed it. I felt arms wrap around my waist. I turned around. A tall muscular guy with blonde spiked hair and blue eyes.

"I'm alex" he slurred

"Crystal" I didn't tell anyone my real name. We got each other more and more drinks. We were beyond wasted. One thing led to another. I woke up on the floor with a pounding head ache. I grabbed my clothes and slid my worn jeans on. I felt something in my back pocket. Money. I pulled it out. 200$. There was a note on the money.

'Thanks babe you're really worth the money -alex' then everything from last night hit me like a ton of bricks. i made a deal with the devil.

what had I gotten myself into.

****end of flashback****

I guess I zoned out.

"Ali? That okay?" Luke asked waving his hand in front of my face

"Huh oh what? What okay?" I asked

"I um picked dare and uh-"

"7minutes in heaven" kayley finished for him

"Oh um oh-okay?" I said as Luke helped me up. He led me over to my room upstairs. I walked in before him and he closed the door. I turned around to face luke. He was facing the door

"About the other day...the kiss?" He suddenly turned around. I felt hands around my head. I felt soft lips crash onto mine. I felt weak in the knees and butterflies in my stomach. Wait no fuck it i felt the whole damn zoo. I hesitantly rose my hand so i was griping his hair. I pulled away.


"I'm sorry" he said

"N- no it's okay.. Um what about the other day?"

He looked at me questioningly.

"I mean why were you ignoring me?"

He looked down then back to me.

"I'm sorry I ignored you. I was thinking" I nodded trying to understand.

"I just really like you the I only reason I was with MacKinze was because I was trying to distract myself from you"

I nodded not knowing how to respond. I was still thinking about kissing him.

"I'm sorry"

"It's-" I was cut off by him kissing me again. He pulled away.

"You were gonna say something?"

I shook my head to say no when I grinned "fuck it" I pulled him close so we were kissing again

He started kissing my neck "Jump" he said. I obeyed. My legs were now around his waist. He took a few steps forward and I guess he couldn't tell where we were going but we fell back on my bed. Still in our make out session.

"Okay horn dogs! It's been 10minutes!!" We heard Sam yell. We chuckled at the comment. he groaned and pulled away.

"Continue this later?" He asked. I nodded unable to speak words. He flashed his smile and I smiled back.

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