I can handle it

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Luke and sam were full on making out. I could even hear the moans and smacking of their mouths trying to devour each other's face off.

Im going to be sick I thought as I rushed up the stairs

Calum following behind me.

"Ali? babe are you okay?" he asked worriedly.

I was facing the door. I took a few deep breaths and slowly nodded my head.

"I- I'm sorry it's just that I thought we loved each other and now he's with my now ex best friend." I spun around to face Calum. He had an indescribable look on his face. maybe disappointment? Worry? anger? I couldn't place it..

"I do care about you don't doubt that it- it's just-" Calum cut me off.

"He was basically your first real relationship" I looked the ground and nodded. "I'm so sorry cal. I should've -"

Calum and his rudeness were so bold he stopped me from finishing my sentence by kissing me.

"C'mon let's make them all jealous of the girl I have" he grinned.

"You sure?" I raised my eyebrows.

"Of course that's how we ended up together in the first place" he intertwined our hands.

Before I could respond he had already pulled me on his back and down the stairs causing everyone to stop what their doing and look.

I laughed nervously as did Calum.

"Ha hi guys" I slightly waved as I slid down Calum's back.

"Soo band practice?" Calum asked.

The boys were all set up and about to sing a new song they wrote. I was sat on the couch across from Calum. Sam decided it was okay to sit beside me.


I moved over to the beanbag chair beside the couch.

"1 2 3 4" Ashton yelled clicking his drum sticks together.

Then Calum started playing. he was so cute when he played with his eyebrows knotted together.

I was smiling at Calum as he faced me singing into the mic.

Damn I can't believe I'm actually jealous of the microphone.

I saw out the corner if my eye sam staring at Luke and Luke looking between me and calum.

focus on Calum just focus on-

Dammit Calum and his rudeness interrupted my thoughts again when he but his lip and looked at me.

I just wanted to kiss him all the time.

The song finally ended.

Praise the lord

I really couldn't control myself I ran ofer before Calum had the chance to put his bass down, and kissed him.

It may or may it have been a makeout.

We were interrupted by one of the boys clearing their throats.

"Um I ah um s-sorry" I blushed and looked down. Calum's hands were on my waist and mine were around his neck.

Ashton and Michael exchanged looks then wolf whistled causing me and cal to start laughing.

"I'm done for today let's go sam" Luke spat yanking Sam up and rushing out of the house.

"Well, that went well" Ashton smiled.

(A/N sooo I'm honestly thinking about either deleting this entire story or quickly finishing it with a couple more chapters I've just gotten bored with this and I'm more focused on ideas for my other fanfic 'do it now remember it later' and other ideas. but since I'm actually attached to this fanfic I don't think I'm going to delete it. just finish it up. the updates will more than Likey be very slow. I also realised I began writing this when Luke was 16 Calum and Michael were 17 and Ashton was 18 . and I'm getting emotional over this. I'm going to stop with this a/n now I'm just thinking and typing out loud sooo yeah love you all lotssss keep reading voting and commenting!!!)

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