Not much has changed

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*2 months later*

Ali' p.o.v

Luke and I had gotten closer. So did me, sam, and the boys. Luke and I started dating a couple weeks after my 'accident'.

School was out for fall & winter break. Yay! I know most people would hate the fall/winter but I kinda like it I mean it's cuddle weather, sweaters, fires, warm coffees. It's the best.

Well I mean it is only late November. But eh who cares.

I haven't cut since "then". I still have my moments I really wanted to.

Aunt Sally and I had defiantly gotten closer. She's like my mom now.

Other than that- nothing's really changed. Yet I guess in away I've changed. I've been opening up more, I'm more social constantly doing things with sam, the boys, or aunt sally. The band's gotten bigger they are doing more and more shows. I'm so proud of them. It's great really...but I do get a but afraid that they are going to keep getting bigger and leave. I don't think I can Handel anyone leaving right now. I still have those nightmares. They might be getting worse but I won't tell anyone that. Calum and sam are the only ones that know about them. They know EveryThing. Luke knows the overall story not the complete in depth details. I could never tell him. I want to but I just can't bring my self to. Tonight sam and I are going to one of the boys shows at a local coffee shop. I just know its going to be amazing.

(A/N sorry this chapter is short but I just wanted to talk about how everything's changed and what not I will try and update tonight but rn fam is over and maybe something shocking might come up in the next chapter but aye who knows *wink wink* anyway 181 reads!!! Unbelievable! I can't even you guys are absolutely amazing please keep reading!!!! Thanks ya okay bye that's it!!!)

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