Why me?

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Ali' p.o.v

I woke up with a throbbing head and hearing beeping noises. I opened my eyes.everything was a bit blurry. But i knew i was in the hospital. I saw a woman sitting in a chair with her head in her hands. I tried to move but I couldn't, I groaned in pain. The woman's head shot up and walked over to me.

"Oh Alison are you alright?" I knew that voice. It was aunt Sally.

"Mm wha- what happened?"

"I- I don't know. Someone dropped you off at the door about midnight and they said they found you a-and you were all beat up."

She let out a sob.

"He Erm let you this l- letter" she stuttered, handing me the letter.

'Dear Alison.

I know you're name now. And it's so much better than crystal. I'm so sorry for bringing you to your parents. They promised me you wouldn't get hurt. That they were just going to take you home. I swear I didn't think he would even. I'm sorry. I wrote this when I was taking you to you're aunts place. You don't know how terrible I feel. I know I seem like the guy who doesn't give a fuck. Or who's just in it for the money. But believe or not I have a heart. That's why I couldn't leave you on the floor to die. I'm so so so sorry alison. And I'm going to stay in Sydney for awhile. I need to clear things up. And let me know if that boyfriend of yours hurst you. You know who to call and ill be there asap. Anyway I'm so sorry for what I did and ill regret it. Just know that night in Miami I actually cared.

Your friend (I guess if that's ok?), alex'

I felt tears fall down my face.

There were so many things I wanted to ask him. But I mostly wanted to know why.

Why would he help me?

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