"Never" I whispered

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•You know something I don't

It's not like you to be cold

Every night replayed over and over

You say things that I don't

You make me feel alone

Every night replayed over and over•

Calum's p.o.v

When we arrived at Taco Bell and Ali and I were fighting over where to sit. it felt like a true relationship. and I was enjoying it. and then, when I kissed her. it felt right. it felt amazing. I didn't want to let go. but she stopped kissing back.

I was going to tell her 3 words. just 3 words. and all my worried would go away. but then Mikey had to pass and take us to where we were sitting. then when she went to find kayley and talk to her I zoned out of the conversation with Michael and ashton. then I saw a flash of long red hair fly by and run out the door. I then saw Luke and sam walk out and sam had her bright pink lipgloss smudged. and Luke well, I should've figured it all out.

"The hell!?" Michael yelled at Luke. He was the closest to Ali, they met first.

I knew he knew what was going on. all I could do was stand up and grab Luke by his collar.

"What the hell is wrong with you!?!" i shouted in his face.

He put his hands up.

"Well!?" i demanded.

I had had enough. I punched Luke square in the jaw and ran off down the street. calling Alison.

Voice mail.

I dialed again.

Voice mail.


Where are you? I thought to myself

I went to the place I knew she might be.

I found the spare key under the mat on the front porch. I ran upstairs. looking in every room. at this point I was out of breath and feeling quite sick myself. I ran to her room knowing she loved her view of the beach. I slowly entered. my heart beating. scratch that it was pounding. I heard sniffling I ran to her bathroom, and there she was. the girl I so desperately cared for. lying on the ground crying with a slash across each wrist. I rushed by her side I .grabbed her wrist.

"Ali. Alison. c'mon baby I need you to stay with me." I could see her slowly fading. I looked down

"oh god. Alison." The blood was on my hands. I pulled out my phone and called the police. I ignored the red stains on my phone.

I heard her groan. I looked over at her. her eyes fluttering.

"Alison! Alison baby! c'mon wake up! wake up! c'mon"

She weakly looked over to me, "Forget about me" she whispered.

What? how could I possibly forget this beautiful perfect girl?

"Never" I whispered. as she passed out and the police and ambulance came.

(A/N hey guyssss sorry If this was a crap chapter but I'm in bed and it's like 1am rn and I'm like half asleep but hope you enjoy and it's not over yet! please keep reading and voting!!)

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