My begining

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Prologue .

My name is Allison - Ali for short.

I'm 15 years old

Light brown hair with bits if blonde highlights.

Blue/green eyes.

I've been running from everything for 3 years. It started when I was 12. Abusive father. Drunken mother. No one else.

I'm from Atlanta. I ran to florida. Then commuted a couple crimes (i guess you could say)to get food and money. Haven't been caught. I ran to LA. i got caught. I was flown out to live with my aunt. In sydney.Australia.

I now have to go to a private school. North ridgemont high. No friends. No one. All alone. Again.


I woke up this morning with sunlight shining in my eyes. I pulled the covers over my face.... Wait I don't have covers. I shot straight up and looked around the room. Baby blue walls. A bay window with window sill seat...over looking a beach? There was a vanity in front of the bed. I looked up to the ceiling. A fan and twinkling lights around the ceiling. I looked to the floor. White carpet. I looked around the bed. It must have been a king sized, it had navy blue covers and navy and white striped pillows. And an upholstered head board. I slowly crawled out of the bed and walked over to what must have been a closet. It was a walk in closet. With shelves and hangers. I thought i saw something and jumped. Just my reflection in a mirror on the wall. I backed out of the closet and closed the door. I slowly walked out the door. I carefully walked down the stairs.

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