Playin hookie

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My phone buzzed. I walked over a text from Sally appeared

'Hai gurl I have a night shift @ the hospital 2nite c ya tmrw tho! Byeee'

'Ok have fun ;P bye!' I responded.

I put my phone in my pocket. And sat in my bed. Luke was on his phone.i sat there rubbing my thumbs together thinking about the kiss. He finally walked over and sat beside me.

"So tomorrow me and the boys will give you a ride to school that ok?"

I nodded still looking down.

I heard him sigh. " I've got to go. Ill text you. Call if you need anything ok?" I nodded. I felt arms around me. I hugged back.

"Thank you" I whispered barley audible. He probably didn't hear me. I walked him out the door and watched him leave. Did he forget about the kiss? Did he feel the butterflies? Or sparks like I did? Did he like me? Questions raced through my mind. I ran up to my room and fell on my bed. I cried and screamed into my pillow. Why do I like him. I can't get close to anyone. All people do is hurt each other. I picked up my phone and texted aunt sally.

'When r u comin home tmrw'

She responded a minute later

'Bout 11am'

'K' I put my phone beside me. When it buzzed again.

'Hey tmrw dress normal no uniform no school'

'Who's this'

'Luke' I added his contact and put my phone away not wanting to think about Luke. I slowly fell asleep.

**flashback(during dream)**

"Please please stop" I begged the man.tears rolling down my face. He kept going. I could smell the beer and liquor and cigarettes on his breath. He stopped and buttoned his pants back and left me there. He walked into another room and came back. I managed to get up and put my clothes back on. Still crying tears blurred my vision. He walked back to me and slapped me across the face I fell into a glass vase and had glass all in my arm and side. I didn't scream just winced. He threw the money at me and walked out of the motel room. I pulled the glass out of my arm and the pieces in my side. I put my coat and gathered the money.

**end of flashback/dream**

I jolted up with sweat on my forehead and heart beating fast. I looked around my room feeling some one was watching me. I wish I could change things from my past. Not be a whore. Be a normal 14 year old girl with friends and family who love her. But no I'm 15 with no one no matter who or how many people I surround my self with. All alone. I got out of my bed and went to the bathroom. Making sure I didn't make any noise I opened the cabinets. I pulled out my razors.

••••next morning••••

I woke up. 9;50. "Ugh Shit" I mumbled in my pillow. I got up and checked my phone.

2texts 1missed call all from luke.

'Hey we'll b @ ur house in like an hour'

'Hey b there in like 45min' that was sent at 9oclock. I got up and got dressed. Skinnies, blink-182 tee, shade, and my white worn vans. I brushed my hair and decided to go no makeup.however I did put makeup on my arms so you couldn't see the scars. I lightly applied makeup to my newest cut I added last night. I winced as it stung, I lightly blew on it to stop the stinging. I walked down stairs and pulled out a water. No food, I want to lose weight. Even if some people think I'm already skinny i still want to be thinner. I heard a car horn. I walk out side. There's the boys. Ashton driving like shotgun and mikey and cal in he back.

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