Not apart of the deal

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Ali's p.o.v

I felt something wrap around my throat. I couldn't breath. I couldn't move.

My father had his hand around my neck. His face was red.

"So this is where you've been for the past years!?" He shouted spitting on my face.

"Why did you leave us!?" My mother slurred she was obviously drunk...again. I couldn't speak.

My father tightened his grip.

"Answer her! You slut!" His grip got even tighter. My eyes started to water.i could feel my face burning. I couldn't take it any longer. I wrapped my hands around his hand grasping my neck.

"Why!??!" He yelled and pushed me up against the wall.

My head felt like it could explode.

If he kept chocking me a minute longer I could've passed out.

"Y'know if you keep choking her she won't be able to speak. Alex said lighting a cigarette. My father looked back to him then to me. And released his grip. Dropping me to the floor. I slid down the wall. Gasping for air and coughing. I felt like I was going to throwup. I knew there were going to be brusies around my neck tomorrow. I was still coughing.

"So why'd you leave!? We were nothing but great parents to you!?" My mother yelled slightly losing her balance and leaning on the wall for assistance.

I glanced over to the kitchen and I think I saw Alex with a cup in his hand.

"Are you kidding me?" I coughed out, "you beat me you treated me like trash. Hell! You called me trash! You could care less if I were dead!" At this point I was still coughing. I felt like my lungs could burst. I felt a hand around my shoulder. I gasped. It was alex. He had a glass of water in his hand.

"Here it'll help" he sighed handing me the glass.

I was taken back by his kindness. Even if it was just a glass of water."T-thank you" I took a sip of the water. It felt so good gliding down my throat. Before I knew it I drank all of it. I set the cup down.

"No! now that was a load of bullshit" my father yelled. Alex was still by my side.

He walked up and grabbed my sweat shirt and yanked me up.

"Why are you lying!" He spat.

"I'm not! It's the truth!"

"No!" He yelled and he collided his hand with my cheek. It stung of course but all I could do was wince. I couldn't let him break me.

"You're a liar!" He screamed. He through me on the ground and jumped on top of me. He raised his fist.

"Go ahead hit me.'' I spat harshly at him. I didn't care.

His fist collided with my jaw. I was used to this. I mean I grew up around it. I let him keep going. I didn't want to fight back. I knew I had blood dripping off my face. I knew I looked horrible and I should have stopped him. But there was no point.

"Hey! Knock it off!" Alex yelled putting my father off me. It felt like I big weight was off my chest, I could finally breath. I coughed and rolled over to my side.

"What the hell! That wasn't part of the deal! I was supposed to bring her to you and you take her back to America!"

I could tell I was going to black out. I was fading in and out of their conversation. And fading in unconsciousness.

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