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Once we settled our seating arrangements for the ride to Taco Bell. (Me ridding with Calum Mikey and Luke.awesome and ashton with sam in the other car.) we arrived there in a matter off minutes which seemed like at least half an hour because the ride was completely silent. I was stuck between Calum and Luke in the back seat while Michael was driving.


Those 3 sarcastic words were all that were going through my mind on the way there.

When we finally arrived Mikey and ash ran and hugged each other. You can feel Mashton love in the air. They ran up and ordered our food while me and cal argued over where to sit.
"I say by the window" he argued
"But it's too cold for that let's sit by the tv so I can watch awkward" I whined back
"Ugh fiiinnnneeee" Calum agreed and grabbed me by the waist. I gasped surprised by his gesture.
"Calum Thom-" I couldn't finish my sentence. I felt his warm soft lips crash into mine.
I didn't pull back
I couldn't
I just couldn't.
I felt like it was a dream and if I pulled away and let him go it would all end. It felt right.
Then reality came back and bit me in the ass.
This is Calum. he doesn't love me. He doesn't actually care. it's just to make Luke jealous.
And suddenly a loss of warmth areas in my lips.
"What's wrong?" he asked concern in his eyes and voice.
"N-nothing" I lied and looked down.
I felt his thumb and index finger come in context with my skin. he lifted my head.
"Alison I.. I L-" i was desperate to hear what he was going to say but he was interrupted by Michael walking by and saying
"c'mon lovebirds we found a table"
Calum and I finally pulled apart. I was going to walk off in front of him but he grasped my hand and led me to the rest of them.
We all sat down and began to eat.
"I erm I'll be right back"sam said standing up while I took a big bite of my Doritos locos taco. too big I might add, so the lettuce was hanging out of my mouth a bit. I tried to stifle a laugh. but when Calum looked up and saw me trying to eat it he started to laugh. causing Mikey and ash to as well.
"B- babe you got a lil something right there" Calum laughed and pointed towards my face.
I was finally able to eat it all. and the table stopped laughing only to realize Luke was gone and sam hasn't come back yet.
"Guys where'd Lucas go?" ashton asked looking around.
I groaned "I don't know I'll go find sam"
I get up and walk back to the restrooms to see if she were there. I was almost around the corner to go in the hall where the restrooms were. when I heard two voices. I leaned up against the wall. unable to see anything, but able to hear and not be seen.
"We have to tell her" a girls voice said. I recognized that voice. it was sam.
Who do they have to tell?
"No I can't it will break her heart." a deep voice whispered. The voice was all too familiar. it was Luke.
"Alison has to know"
What? What do I have to know?

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