The anchor -in my stomach

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(A/N I decided to skip to next Friday bc of bad writers block)

I woke up today and looked at my clock 2:30pm. Awesome. I rolled out of bed and looked in my closet. I saw Luke's jacket hanging in there. Ever since the kiss he's been ignoring me. Literally.walking the other way when he sees me, not responding to my texts. I felt he forgot I existed. I shook my head to forget those thoughts. Today was friday. I have a date with Ashton. Since he asked me out at the mall he had been nicer.i finally made another friend in school, her name was dillon. I think we are pretty close even though we've only known watch other for like a week. Me and calum had gotten closer, so did me and Michael. Like the two brothers I've always wanted. I sighed and walked down stairs. There was a note from aunt Sally on the fridge. I pulled it off and read it.

'Hey Hun I had to go to work. Have to fill in the right?. There's pancakes in the fridge and bacon you can cook. Enjoy! Love ya c ya later!'

"Yum" I mumbled under my breath. I opened the fridge and pulled out the pancakes and bacon. I first started cooking the bacon. Once it was finished cooking I wrapped the bacon in paper towels and set then on a plate. I then heated up the pancakes. Once they were finished I walked over and sat down on the couch and turned on the tv. I flipped through all of my fav. Channels. I stopped when I realised girl code was on. A few times I laughed out loud. I couldn't help it they were so funny. I pressed info to see what time it was. 5:20. Shit! I ran upstairs and pulled my dress and heels and jewellery out. I ran to the bathroom and showered and shaved. I got out of the shower and dried myself off. I pulled out my body lotion that had oatmeal in it. I put that all over my body once I was dried off completely. I squeezed some extra water out of my hair with my towel. I pulled out all of my hair products. I brushed out my hair and sprayed hair styling prep in. I flipped my hair upside down and dried some until I thought it was damp. I flipped my hair up and pulled out my hair moose for volume and flipped my hair down again and massaged that in. I then finished drying my hair. I turned on my hair straightener. And brushed through my hair again. I then seconded my hair into bits and straightened my hair. Once I was finished I put in a product that made my hair smooth. I then walked out of my bathroom and slid on the dress and took my pone,the jewellery and shoes back in the bathroom with me. I turned my phone on. I applied my make up on. Not too heavy but just right. I applied make up to my cuts. Still blowing on the new ones that sting.yes I cutted the other day. Nightmare. Once they were all covered I flipped my hair over and braided the back. Then put my hair in a sock bun and clipped it with that white lace bow on the back. I sprayed on my perfume and checked the time. 6:50 not bad. I walked out with my phone and shoes. I slid on my shoes and walked down stairs. I checked my phone for any messages

1text from ashton.

'Hey Calum's gonna pick u up & take u there ill b there as soon as I can'

I wonder where there is? I heard a knock on the door.

''Heh- aye wow you look amazing.'' Calum smiled.


"Oh erm ready to go?"

"Yeah sure" I said walking out and closing the door behind me.

When we finally stopped the car I looked around. Fancy.

"Um calum where are we? Are we in the right spot?"

He chuckled "we are at your date and yes I'm pretty sure we are in the right spot."

I swallowed nervously, I had never been anywhere fancy. "Oh okay d- do I just go up and ask for a table?"

He nodded his head as I opened the car door.

"Call or text if you need" he said. I nodded my head. I closed his car door and waved bye. He waved back. I watched as he drove away. I walked up to the worker behind the desk

"Hi welcome to the anchor how many?" I thought it was funny how she said the name of the place was the anchor. That's what I felt in the pit of my stomach

"Oh um two"

"Okay right this way" she said taking me to a round table with white cloth.

"Your server will be with you in a moment." She said handing me a menu.

"Thank you" I opened the menu and looked through everything. I looked at my phone. 7:20. Some one who I'm guessing was the waiter walked up to me.

"Are you ready to order?"

"Oh um ill just have a water still waiting on someone"

"Coming right up" I sat and waited. My water was brought out

"Thank you" I said as he set it down.

I waited and waited. every time my server came out ready to take my order I replied I was still waiting for some one. I waited and waited. I started playing with my fingers. I waited and started tapping my feet. I waited and checked my phone.

8:50. That's it I'm done waiting. He said he would show. I saw my waiter and waved him over.

"How much for the waters?"

"Oh Hun it's ok on the house"

"Really?" I asked he nodded "thank you in sorry for not ordering." Tears started building in my eyes. I shook my head and handed him a 20

"Here. Thank you" I said as I got up and walked away before I started melting down in tears. I walked towards the beach. I sat down in the warm sand. I pulled out my phone. No messages. I texted calum.

'Hey can you pick me up I'm at the beach beside the anchor.'

He replied a minute later 'sure on my way' he was probably 30minutes away. I let myself go. I cried. I pulled my knees up to my chest and laid my head on them. I don't care if my make up is ruined. I cried and cried. I finally wiped the tears. I got a text from calum

'I'm in the parking lot'

I walked over to the parking lot keeping my head down not wanting calum to see me like this. I found his car and got in completely silent.

"'d everything go?"

" he was a no show" I glanced over to calum who's face looked shocked, disappointed and angry.

"Oh Alison I'm really sorry." He said pulling me into a hug. I sniffled. He pulled away and held my face. He took his thumb and wiped away my tears.

"Thank you" I said trying not to lose it again.

"C'mon lets get you home" he sighed.

The car ride home was silent. I said bye and opened my front door. I leaned against the door and slid down to the Icey cold floor. I let tears fall. I slowly made my way upstairs. I walked to my bathroom and took all my makeup off. And pulled my hair down to but it in a simple bun. I took the dress and shoes and jewellery off.i walked over to my bed and slid on my pjs. I checked my phone. No new messages. I turned it off and slowly fell asleep.

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