Band practice

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I pulled out my earbuds and played my music. Somewhere in never land by all time low was playing. I walked back to my new home. And opened the door and ran upstairs. I plugged in my phone In the speaker dock and played my music. I walked over to my closet and pulled out skinnies and nirvana shirt with the back cut (almost looking like a skeletons ribs)and arms cut off . I went to the bathroom and changed and straightened my hair and fixed my makeup. I slid on my black vans and phone and walked down stairs. I heard a horn blow. Must be Ashton.i walked out the door and there he was. In his red convertible. Black shades and black tee with some writing. I walked over to his car.

"Hi I'm -"

"Allison the new girl yea I know. I'm Ashton get in" I was sorta taken back by his bluntness. I opened the door and got in. I glanced over out the corner of my eye. Blonde and brown curly hair. Skinnies. And vans. Like 5minutes later we arrived at what I'm guessing is Luke's house. We walked out of the car and Ashton knocked on the door. Luke opens the door with a pizza slice in his hand.

"Sup ash hey ali"

"Hi" I said as Ashton pushed past luke. We looked at each other

"What's up with him" I asked

"I don't know"

I walked in and luke closed the door behind me.

"Lovin the shirt" I turned to look at him. He was smirked.

"Ha thanks you don't think it looks to slutty?" I asked.

Luke opened his mouth to say something but was interrupted by Ashton

"Yes put a jacket on or something" I turned to look at him and dropped my smile and looked down. Fight the tears Ali fight the tears. I looked back to Luke who was looking sympathetic (is that a word) "I'm sorry" he mouthed. I gave a weak smile. He grabbed my hand and took me up stairs to I'm guessing was his room. "I'm sorry bout him I don't know what's up with him lately"

"It's ok um can I borrow something to wear"

"Oh yea sure pick anything" he opened his closet. I saw a LA varsity jacket and grabbed it. I put it on over my top. Cozy. I put my arms to my side and let the over sized jacket fall down my arms. Past my hands. He giggled

"You look really cute in that" he pulled out his phone and I heard a camera click.

"Woah what" I laughed I heard another and hid my face with my hands covered in his jacket. He put his phone away and I pulled my hair into a ponytail. Luke grabbed my hand and we walked down stairs. Ashton was on his phone.

"Thank you that's better!" He said harshly.

"Hey man shut up" Luke said defending me.

"What ever" ash mumbled. Seriously what was his problem? A few minutes later calum and Michael show up. We all walk down stairs to the basement. There were guitars, mics, drums,everything you need for a band.

Luke walked over and grabbed an acoustic guitar. Calum grabbed a bass guitar and Michael grabbed an acoustic. Ashton sat behind the drums.

"So ali what song?"luke asked

"Um I don't know um do you know anything by sleeping with sirens?" I asked

"God I love this girl" Calum joked.

"Haha yea no prob"

Luke started strumming chords and I knew the song immediately. If I'm James dean your Aubrey hepburn.

When Luke sang"They say that love is forever your forever is all that I need please stay" I felt like melting.

Once they finished the song luke asked if anyone was hungry and of course everyone wanted pizza. Mikey ordered the pizza and said in about 45minuets it would be here.

"How about a movie!?" Calum squealed



"Ok" everyone agreed

We walked over to "the movie room". There was a big flat screen, couch, ottoman(that you can flip the top to make a tray-sick), and movies- everywhere.

"So um what movie" I asked

"Errr idk let's look" Calum said getting on his knees to go through the movies. I did the same and helped.

Calum gasped and held up a movie. I looked at it. Paranormal activity. Great.(sarcastic) "guys! What about this!?" Calum yelled.

"Yes!" Everyone agreed. I sorta smiled not trying to look scared. "Don't worry Ali if u get scared you can cuddle me" Calum winked. I laughed. We all got up and went to the couches. I sat beside Calum and Luke. The movie started and I already started to feel scared. Not even half way through the movie i was terrified.

"M- mikey can you h-hand me that pillow" I asked he threw me the pillow and I desperately grabbed it and held it against my chest. I heard some chuckles coming from my left. I looked over and saw calum laughing at me. I bugged him with my elbow and he grabbed me so I was closer to me.

"You scared?" He whispered in my ear sending chills down my spine

"N-no" I stuttered.

He chuckled in my ear, "yes you are.its ok I'm here." I could tell he was smirking. A couple minutes later the door bell rang. I jumped. Everyone laughed. I blushed. Mikey ran upstairs.

"Pizzas here!" He yelled. Everyone ran up except Ashton. He was still on his phone. I decided to take the opertunity (did I spell that right)to talk to him.

"Why do you hate me?" I asked still holding the pillow to my chest. He looked up from his phone and put it away. No response. I rolled my eyes and sat the pillow beside me. I got up and started walking towards the stairs. I felt something grab my wrist. I looked behind me to see Ashton holding my wrist.

"I don't hate you"

I looked up at him, "then why are you so mean?" I asked.

"It's just... I don't know..I'm sorry"

I pulled my wrist away and walked up the stairs to see all the boys with pizza in their hands and mouth. They were all laughing.

"Aye where's ashton" mikey asked mouth full if pizza.

i shrugged,"probably still down stairs" I mumbled.

"Hey I think I'm just gonna go home" I sighed.

"Aw ok ill walk you home it's like past 9" I nodded not wanting to argue.

"Bye guys" I said to cal and mikey

"Bye! Ali" they said

"C'mon" Luke said opening the door.

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