Welcome to north ridgemont

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I rolled over and turned off my alarm. I jumped out of bed and put my school uniform on. Plaid skirt, white button down shirt with the school emblem on it,burgundy sweatshirt(also with school emblem) stockings that cover the scars and luckily I can wear my new black vans. I walked to my bathroom and brushed my teeth and hair. I put on my new makeup. Aunt Sally took me to a makeup bar and they showed me how to apply makeup and stuff. I ran down stairs and grabbed my light blue bag, said bye to aunt Sally and walked out the door. I think we had gotten close. I walked to the bus stop.

When I arrived at the school I looked for the front office. I looked up and what do you know a big "front office" sign. I walked in.

"Hello sweetie what can I help you with"

"Um hi I'm Allison henderson.the new girl I guess"

"Ah yes hold on just a second while i print off your classes."

I stood and looked around the office.

"Ok sweetheart here are your classes. Now let me call up a tour for you." Wow must be a big school to have to have a tour.

"Hi ms. Jen can you please send up Michael clifford to the front office"

A moment later walks in who I assume was michael.

"Uh I was called up here" he said in his thick Australian accent.

"Yes you have most classes with this young lady. She is new and needs a tour." The lady behind the desk finished.

"Hey I'm michael" he said holding his hand out.

"Allison" I said shaking his hand.

"We better get going before classes are dismissed"


I pulled my bag back over my shoulder and walked out with michael.

"So where are you from" he asked

"Um-" what do I say Georgia? Florida? California? "I'm from america"

"Wow that's cool I thought I picked up on an accent"

"Haha what you're the one with the accent"

He laughed. "So what are your class?" He asked

"Um math with ms. Jen, geography with mr. Billings, science with mrs.toffe. And gym music and art."

"Awesome I think I have all but 2 of those classes. Oh and by the way mrs. Toffe we call her toffee" he winked. I couldn't help but smile.

"So where's your locker" he asked

"Um it's 4542H"I said looking at my paper

"That's really cool I think me and my mates have lockers down there too" he smiled

He took me to my locker and helped me open it and told me how the school works. He told me that we were about to go to lunch then the activities. He walked me around the school giving me a tour and everything. When the bell rang we went to the cafeteria and waited in line. I saw Michael smile and wave to some one

"Allison these are my best mates!" He said as his friends walked over.

"Hey I'm Calum" the one with dark hair and brown eyes said

"Hi I'm luke" the one with blonde hair and blue eyes said. Wow they were all good looking but luke was woah.

"Hi I'm allison" I smiled.

"Oh and my other friend Ashton you'll meet him later he doesn't go here"

"Okay cool"

"Hey Luke do we have band practice tonight or tomorrow" I heard calum ask. Wow they have a band that must be really cool.

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