Looking in the mirror

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Sam and the boys left after our eventful game of truth or dare and watching zombieland. I walked up stairs and changed in to my pjs and took my make up off. I took off the makeup off my arms. I studied my cuts. I moved my shorts up to see my scars on my legs. Barley noticeable if you didn't know they were there. I lifted my shirt up to see my stomach. Scars, again slowly fading away. I sighed. I guess In a way I didn't want them to fade away completely. Although I don't know why. I looked in the mirror looking at my face. Pointing out every flaw.

'so ugly'





No one loves you'

'Go die'

Those words echoed through my mind. Over and over. I placed my hands over my sink leaning closer to the mirror.

I wanted to scream. I wanted to cry. I wanted to escape.

I walked over to my rug in front of my shower. I now I hid my razors there so they weren't so easy to findI pulled out the small one I had. I just wanted the words to stop. The pain to go away. I got up and walked to the floor in front of my bed.I held the cold blade against my skin, it felt like ice. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I applied pressure and swiftly moved the blade against my skin. I could feel the tears building. I opened my eyes to see blood all over my arm. I guess I cut a bit deeper then I thought. I felt free from the words. Yet still not satisfied. I took the blade in my other hand and repeated what I recently done. I tilted my head back sighing and taking a deep breath. I let the tears fall. I looked up to my ceiling. I started to see black spots. I was barley able to lift my head to look at my arms. Blood took over my arms. Blood on the carpet. I sighed and laied my head back again. I put my hands in my lap playing with my thumbs. There were only a few people on my mind. Aunt sally, Sam, mikey, cal, ashton, and luke. What would they think if they found me laying dead in my room.



I shook my head. I once again felt like screaming. I cried even harder. I started to see black spots again. I could feel a cold shiver down my spine. I couldn't breath, I was gasping for air.

I heard a ringing.

Then every thing went black.

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