Preparing for next friday

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"Where were you!?" She questioned 

"I was out with friends" I said  

"Listen Alison I'm happy you've made friends here but you can't just skip school" she sighed "I mean i really am happy you have made friends and I know you need friends. Just -just tell me where when and who you're going with okay? Please it would help" 

"Okay I got it. It won't happen again" I finished.  

Aunt Sally smiled "good ok so am I going to meet these friends of yours" 

"I don't know maybe" then I heard a knock on the door. I turned and opened it.  

"Hiii!" Calum smiled 

"Um hi?!"  

"Ashton told me about Friday and wanted me to come over and help you!"  

"Help me?" 

"yuP with what you're gonna wear" just then aunt Sally walked in. 

"Oh um hi who's this" she asked referring to calum. 

"Oh aunt Sally this is calum one of my friends" he waved and said hi. 

"And correction best friend" he laughed. 

"Okay well have fun" aunt Sally said walking to the couch and turning on the tv.  

"Bye"calum said grabbing my wrist and taking me upstairs. 

I led him to my room. And he immediately ran to my closet. He started throwing everything out. Everything in my closet was now on the floor he then moved to the drawers. Everything-every piece of clothing was scattered on the floor, all my shoes, jewellery. Everything, on my floor. Calum took a deep breath and put his hands on his hips. 

"Um? Now what?" I asked 

"Well ash said it would be casual and kinda dressy soooo." 

"So? Can you tell me what he's planning so I can help figure out what to wear" 

"MmmNoPe" he said popping the 'p' 

"Can you At least give me a hint on what's going on" 

"Erm..sunset. Food. Beach. Uhh I think that's it" 

"Okay umm...stripes? Gold? Nautical?" 

Calum looked at me questionably. "What do you mean?"  

I stepped over the clothes and picked up a strapless dress with navy and white stripes. "Aunt Sally bought it for me."  

"Wear that!"  

"What shoes? Heels? Flats?" 

"Heels. He's way taller than you." 

I laughed "yeah I've noticed. You all are" I walked to my closet and saw a shoe box. I opened it. Perfect. Inside were white lace heels. So pretty. I walked over to my vanity and pulled out my jewellery box I hid in the drawer. I pulled out a gold charm bracelet and silver anchor earrings.  

"Want me to try it on?" I asked 

"Yea!" Calum almost shouted. I grabbed the dress out of Calum's arms and walked to my bathroom and tried it all on. I flipped my hair upside down and braided it and then put it in a sock bun and found a lace bow and clipped it. I walked out and Calum's mouth dropped. 

"What do I look that bad?!" 

"N- no you look amazing" he smiled.

(A/N sorry this was a short chapter. Writers block :/ and ill put the picture of the outfit up as soon as I can! anyyywayyyy please keep reading and leaving comments telling me what you think! Thank you! And follow my tumblr 5sosneverland ! Thank you!!!)

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