A needed hug

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The docs said I was free to go home. With a catch. I have to go to group therapy for coping. cope with what?

The ride back home with Calum was silent except for when songs were playing and the cars' engines from around us roared. I still felt exceptionally sore from the blood loss.

We came to my front door and Calum opened it for me. I walked in slowly. for some reason I guess I was afraid. I'm not sure what though.

I don't know what happened. all I could feel was Calum pushing me against the wall one arm above my head and one securely around my waist.

"Wha-?" I started

"Why Alison?! I - I thought things were getting better?! the first time I met you I knew I loved you. but then you chose Luke and that absolutely broke my heart. and I made that plan out of jealousy. and I fell harder for you. when I saw you I thought it was because of me. Don't you see what you do to me!? I'm a love sick puppy because of you! Even Michael can see it! I wish I ran after you sooner but I didn't know what was going on. and- and I came here to find you and I told you I love you and you told me to forget about you! how could I possibly forget the girl I love!? Knowing that because of me not running the second you left i could have saved you!"

Needless to say I had tears streaming down my face. and so did he.

"An- and in the hospital I never left your side! for fear that you might wake up and me not being there would make you believe you were alone.and then you said you loved me and I- I thought we could work out and in the car when you were so quiet I thought you were re thinking everything a- and-"

I couldn't take any more of his words.

I slammed my lips against his. he didn't know what was happening but finally kissed back.

" I told you I love you. and when I say some thing. I mean it." I said.

"When I saw you I knew I felt something. I wasn't sure of what it was. and yeah I chose luke at the time because he knew everything about me and didn't judge me. but that kiss was what made me realize that I love you more than anything I have ever. yes I was fucking upset to figure out Luke cheated on me with sam but what do you expect. and I couldn't handle it. I told you to forget about me because it thought it was the end for me and I wanted you to be able to move on with out me.

I love you so damn much Calum Thomas hood it hurts me" I finished know that in those few words he knew I meant every bit of it. and that was all he needed to know. that I loved him.

We both had tears streaming down our faces.

He pulled me into a tight hug. and that's what I needed. that was what I missed. I may feel crazy but I'm not all I needed was a hug. from my Calum Hood.

(A/N so I decided to change ali's best friends name to sam bc Idk I felt like it. and thank you guys soooo much please please please keep reading and voting it means sooooo much thank youuuu!)

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