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Pen Your Pride

Carnell: Can I come in?

Denise: What do you want Carnell?

Carnell: I just want to talk. That's all.

Denise: We can talk here.

Carnell: Are you that upset with me that you don't want to let me inside?

Denise: Exactly! Now talk.

Carnell: Okay. Now I don't feel like talking.

Denise: Are you kidding me?

Carnell: No. What I mean is that I rather show you than talk.

Denise: Show me what?

Carnell: Please come with me. It's going to be a short ride.

Denise:... Okay.

Carnell: Great! :)

They got in Carnell's car and he wouldn't stop smiling the whole ride.

Denise: Is there something funny?

Carnell: :) Yeah. The fact that you came with me but you wouldn't let me inside your house.

Denise: The truth is it's a little messy in there. We had a sleepover last night...

Carnell: oh I see... :)

Then the silence came back in the car. Nobody talked until Denise broke it.

Denise: Where are we going?

Carnell: You'll see. We're almost there. :)

5 more minutes later, they finally pulled off in a driveway that seemed familiar to Denise but she couldn't put a finger on where it was.

Carnell walked to her door and opened it for her. They walked to the front door and Carnell opened it.

Denise: Why do you have the keys of someone else's house?

Carnell: If by someone else you mean you... then yeah, I've got your keys. :)

She turned to face him.

Denise: What do you mean by my keys? Wait a minute?!

She turned back again and watched the inside of the house. Now she knows why she remembers being here. It's one of the houses they visited for Dustin and Karrueche. It was their dream house.

Denise: Oh my god, Carnell did you buy this house?!

Carnell: :) yes. I bought it for us... the three of us.

Denise: How? I mean when?

Carnell: I discussed the house with the owner a few days ago before your accident but I wanted to talk about it with you first. The day the doctor told us that you were pregnant, I called him up and concluded the case.

Denise: Oh my god... Carnell. It's beautiful.

Carnell: Yeah? That's good. I spent two hours yesterday with dustin, buying the house furnitures. It was hella hard! Lol

Denise: Carnell...

She turned back to face him again.

Denise: It's the most beautiful thing someone has ever done for me. Thank you.

Carnell: No, thank you for being in my life. I don't know where I'd be without you. I know that our baby will have the best mother ever.

Denise: I love you.

Carnell: I love you too.

They sealed this beautiful scene with a kiss. Carnell made her do a tour of the house, showing where the nursery, the rooms, the playrooms will be. They were enjoying their new house.

Someone knocked on the door just as they were about to sit for dinner.

Carnell went to open the door and there was all of his brothers with their girlfriends and wife smiling at him.

Carnell: What are y'all doing here?

Dustin: Thank you, we're happy to see you too bruh! Lol

Kae: Shut up! Lol Patrick told us that you guys were here so we all decided to come over for dinner!

Denise: Who is it Carnell?

Patrick: Hey sis'! Mind if we join in for dinner?! :)

Denise: Of course not but we didn't expect anyone so I just cooked for two. :/

Miley: Don't worry babe! We planned everything! We bought a ridiculous amount of food! Lol

Kelly: Mom and Zonnique's mother cooked for all of us! :)

Demi: They're going to visit tomorrow! They wanted to let the youngsters have a moment together first! Lol

Bryan: Enough talking! I'm starving!! Can we come in at least?! Lol

Carnell: Oh yeah, sorry! Come in.

Zonnique: Dee, where do I put this?

Denise showed her the way to the kitchen.

They all enjoyed the dinner while chatting and just chilling.

Seiko and Laurent came a little after dinner after kae called them up. Larry and Bahja were out of town visiting bahja's family.

Seiko and and the boys were soon going to Paris for professional needs.

They were all watching TV when one of Ariana's song came on. It was baby I. Everybody looked at Bryan who wasn't even paying attention to the TV. He was too busy talking and laughing with Zonnique.

Carnell turned off the TV and told everyone to gather around the living room table.

Dustin: What are you doing?

Carnell: I just want all of us to gather around the table and talk about our future. Each of us can tell what they want to achieve and where they see themselves in about 5 or ten years. :)

Demi: That's a great idea, Carnell!! :)

Denise: Who's starting?

Zonnique: I can start if you want! :)

Carnell: Yeah, go ahead. :)

Zonnique: Well... In five years of time I see myself succeeding in my career, and make it on a global scale. I see myself still with the OMG girlz, enjoying our job and traveling all around the world. :)

Miley: Amen! ;)

Bryan: Lol. Ok, my turn. In five years, I see myself still with my brothers, working hard and succeeding in our careers. I see myself living in my own house! Haha and I see myself still dating Zonnique. :)

Kae: Aaw!! Too cute!

Seiko: Where do you see yourself in five years kae?

Kae: Well, in five years I see myself at every fashion week that exist on this planet, showing my designing skills!! Lol I see myself still married to Dustin and with maybe our second child. :)

Dustin: Me too. :) I see myself with my family, and close friend, living happily. I hope to see all my brothers this happy in five years and more. I see myself still married to this beauty in ten years time. ;)

Demi: Well. I see myself still being an example and a role model to my fans, still being in the music business and still being in love with Kelly in five years.

Kelly: :) I see myself still going hard on my bars! Lol Na seriously I see myself being engaged with Demi... It's one of my main goals. :)

Miley: Aaw how are we going to beat that cuteness, pat?! Lol

Patrick: We can always try! Lol

Laurent: Miley what about you?

Miley: Well like Demi, I see myself being in the business for a long time. There's nothing else I see myself doing. I also see myself being best friends with all of you guys... I love y'all. :)

Patrick: See?! You beat it! Lol As for me... I see myself still being a family with all of you guys. I see myself playing with Jad-ad and your new baby... I know I'm the luckiest uncle ever. Just having the chance to be in these angels' lives is huge. Thanks for that, kae and dee. I love you. :)

Denise: I love you pat. :) I hope everything's going to be fine... :)

Dustin: It will... Don't worry love. :)

They all stared at each other for a moment then laughed. The chat went on on a very nice atmosphere.

A few hours later Denise and Carnell were now all by themselves and they were cuddled up on the sofa.

Denise: It was a great night.

Carnell: Yeah... I hope you're feeling better.

Denise: I am, thanks... :)... Carnell... Do you think that my body will be able to carry the child to term this time?

Carnell: There's no doubt about this... I know that last time I wasn't here for you and it was probably one of the main reasons why you were stressed and confused but I'm here for you this time... And I ain't going no where.

Denise: Our baby is the luckiest one ever... I can't wait to know the gender.

Carnell: I know it's going to be a girl!

Denise: I thought you'd want a little boy! Lol

Carnell: That's what I want but if I say it out loud it's going to be a girl! It's always like that!

Denise: Lmao! Carnell you're an idiot! I want a baby boy too... He'll look up to you and will be proud of you all his life. I know I am. :)

Carnell: Thank you... I love you.

Denise: Forever and always.

Carnell: To infinity and beyond.

They kissed and continued visualizing their future together.

After all they've been through, Denise and Carnell didn't give up on each other and managed to fight for their love.

They're on a great way to happiness... and a happy ever after.


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