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Pen Your Pride

Carnell: Mom...

Adrian: Answer the question, Carnell!

Carnell:... Yes...

Adrian: What the hell is happening to you? You're too young! 

Denise: Mrs Adrian... 

Adrian: I don't really wanna talk with you right now! (She stood up and got out of the room)

There was an awkward silence in the room.

Patrick: Well well well. Congratulations love birds! Lool

Kelly: I don't know why she is so upset. Maybe I should go talk to her.

Dustin: I'm coming with you.

Bryan: Congratulations bro! :)

Kae: Congrats boo...

Denise: Thank you. I think ima go home a little sooner. Hum, I've got things to do.

Carnell: Babe don't do that...

Denise: See you later. (She walked out of the room)

Patrick: Let me drive you Dee.

Demi: Don't worry Carnell, I'm going with them.

Miley: I'm coming with you.

Ariana: I'm staying here with Kae. Let us know what happens.

Meanwhile with Adrian, Dustin and Kelly

Kelly: I just don't get why you were so mad...

Adrian: I don't know... I just felt like everything was so overwhelming... Dustin getting engaged and having the baby. Now Carnell is engaged too. 

Dustin: You think you're loosing us? Mom. You are never going to loose us. You're our soul. We need you as much as you need us. 

Kelly: And we love us as much as you love us, if it's not more! Lol

Adrian: That's impossible! lol

Dustin: :) Come on. Let's go.

When they got back to the room, Karrueche was cuddling the baby and Ariana was watching TV. Carnell was sitting alone, his phone on his ear.

Kelly: Where's everyone else?

Ariana: They left coz Dee wasn't feeling good... :/

Adrian: It's because of me right? I'm going to talk to her... Carnell I'm sorry for the way I reacted earlier. I was overwhelmed.

Carnell: Don't worry, I get it. I'm just worried about Denise. She thinks it's because you don't like her indeed... Which is totally stupid.

Adrian: Of course it's stupid! I just think you're young and you have the whole life ahead of you.

Carnell: I know. That's why we are just engaged now. We don't plan to get married that soon. I wanted her to know that she can always lean on me and trust my love for her. After what I did to her... 

Adrian: I understand.

Meanwhile with Pat an the girls

Demi: "ok. Ok, I get it. See you in a bit." Guys I'm so sorry, I've got to be at the studio in 30 minutes. Can you drop me off, Pat?

Pat: Of course. It's on the way to Dee's house.

Demi: Thanks.

After dropping Demi, we headed to my house and there was carnell waiting for us in front of my garage door.

Denise: What are you doing here?

Carnell: I wanted to talk to you...

Miley: We're gonna wait for you inside. Dee give me your keys please.

Denise: What's up?

Carnell: I wanted to tell you that everything is fine. Mom was just overwhelmed and she didn't mean what she said.

Denise: I know...

Carnell: It don't seem like you're happy about it...

Denise: I just think that maybe it wasn't such a good idea.

Carnell: Don't start with that. Nobody forced me, I did it coz I want to. My reasons never changed.


Carnell: Anyway, are you coming to my place tonight to welcome the baby?

Denise: I don't know Carnell...

Carnell: This is not about you Dee! It's about the baby, make an effort! 

Denise: I think the conversation is over.

Meanwhile with Miley and Pat

Miley: You were great with Dee today. Just the fact that you came with us to take care of her shows how much of a good person you are.

Patrick: Oh... Thank you :)

Miley: I thought about it and... maybe... we can try and be friends. :)

Patrick: Friends... :( Okay, it's better than nothing. :)

Miley: That's the spirit. :) (She said hugging me)

Patrick: (Smiling) Thank you... 

At the same moment, Denise stormed in the house.

Miley: What did he do again?! Aargh! I'm going to ask him right away! (She said running outside)

Patrick went upstairs to see if Denise was feeling good.

Patrick: What's wrong sis?

Denise: We had a fight about me going to your place tonight!

Patrick: You should come.

Denise: No! I'm not ready for that!

Patrick: Look Dee... It's for the baby. You gotta stop thinking selfish on this one.

Denise: I'm selfish... Ok I'll go with you then.

Patrcik: Now that's the spirit! lol

Denise: I saw you with Miles! :)

Patrick: Yeah, it's getting better. :) I'll give you time to get ready then we'll go.

Denise: Okay! :) 

Later that day, when they got to the boys house, everybody was gathered around the baby.

Patrick: Hello fam! :)

Dustin: Hey! Dee! I'm glad you came. :)


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