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Pen Your Pride

Denise's POV:

I was heading to rehearsals and my heart was thumbing against my chest. I was so anxious about seing Larry after this long time. I needed to talk to someone that could've understand but since I no longer have a bestfriend... Anyway, I'm about to enter the stage. I walked to the stairs, climbed them and there he was, standing next to his brother. Let's go.

Me: Hey peeps!

Ashley: Deniiiiise! Hey girl! I missed you! 

Kim: How are you? 

Me: I'm good! What about you? How was it to tour with madonna?!

Fanny: Incredible! You would have enjoyed it so much!

Laurent: Dee! How are you?

Me: Hey Lau! I've missed you!! (I said while hugging him)

Larry: Hey

Me: What's up?

At that moment I heard a baby cry. I turned around and saw a girl trying to calm the baby down. She was blond, skinny and had enormous boobs. 

Larry: Denise, this is Tina... my fiancée and our baby Lilah... 

Denise: Oh... Nice to meet you. 

Tina: Me too.


Ashley: Let's start rehearsals!

Meanwhile with the boys.

Adrian: What's wrong with Nellz and Pat?

Kelly: Carnell is anxious about Denise seeing Larry today.

Bryan: And Patrick just listened to Miley's interview and he's been quiet ever since. 

Adrian: Oh my.

Dustin: Where is Karrueche? 

Adrian: Last time I saw her she was taking a nap in your room.

Dustin: Imma go check on her.

Adrian: Okay. Boys we have to do something about Carnell and Pat.

Kelly: It's been like that since Pat and Miley broke up. Denise is not talking to Pat so it's a little tense between Nellz and Pat too. They're always apart from everyone.

Bryan: And it didn't help that Kayla cheated on him for the second time...

Adrian: I told that boy not to rush into things. I think Pat's case is more urgent for now. Hey Pat! Come here. 

Patrick: What's up?

They heard someone screaming and someone running down the stairs.


An hour later everyone was gathered at the hospital, nobody was talking and the air was tense. 

Demi: I'm trying to call Miley and Denise but they're not answering.

Ariana: Here they are!

Miley: What happened? Where is she?

Kelly: Miley calm down, it ain't going to help.

Me: Carnell, what happened? (I said, crying)

Carnell: (Standing up to hug me) Don't cry babe.

Patrick: Dustin went to the bedroom to see if she was still sleeping and he saw the blood on the bed.

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