Ms Adrian: Hey boys! Where are you heading like that?

Patrick: To the movies with the girls! 

Adrian: What are you gonna watch?

Carnell: Hangover 3!

Bryan: Yeah and Carnell is beyond excited as you can see!

Carnell: No I'm not!

Kelly: He asked us what to wear since last week! Lmao

Adrian: Aaw are you and denise back together?

Dustin; They're not but Carnell decided to hold on! He's gonna take her back! 

Adrian: Ouh that's sounds exciting!!

Bryan: Yeah! What do you plan to do tonight ma?

Adrian: Hum... Going on a date...

B5: A WHAT?! 

Adrian: A date...

Dustin: How?

Kelly: Where?

Patrick: With who?

Carnell: Do we know him?


Adrian: Guys, chill out! It's a friend from the church. 

Dustin: Who is it?

Adrian: Guys that's my life!

Kelly: Mom, we are your life!

Patrick: Aaw that was cute kellz and there's no time for being cute right now! Mom who is it?

Adrian: You're going overboard.

Carnell: Mom just tell us already! Please?

Adrian: Aargh... It's Thomas, our neighbour.

Bryan: The old thomas?! Eeww!! 

Adrian: Ok let's quit talking, your girls are waiting for you and my man is waiting too! Have a great time! Haha (She left the room, laughing)


A few minutes later inside the cinema with the girls.

Kae: Hey boo! (Kiss Dustin) Hey guys what's going on?

Demi: Yeah you look upset!

Dustin: Nothing...

Miley: Quit the lies! Tell us what's wrong!

Patrick:... Fine... It's mom.

Denise: What's going on? Is she sick? Is she okay? Talk!

Carnell: Calm down. She's fine. Even too fine...

Ariana: Ok guys, spill it out! 

Bryan: Mom... is seeing someone...

Kelly: She's dating Thomas, our neighbour... 

Miley: Oh my god... Lmao

Kae: That's why you trippin'?! lol

Ariana: Guys she's a woman! Plus, a beautiful one! She's not gonna be forever alone!

Patrick: Why not?!

Demi: Because! Lol It's just natural!

Denise: Oh I see what's going on here! They're jealous! Babies want all the mama's attention! Aaaw thats's so cuuute! Haha (She said, hugging Carnell)

Miley: Aaw poor things! We're here for you (She said, kissing pat)

Kae: You need to let mama fly by her own! Hahaha I love you tho! (She said hugging Dustin)

Bryan: This is not a laughing matter, girls! This is our mother! 

Ariana: Ima take care of you sweetie! Haha (She said, kissing him)

Demi: Baby come on! You're all grown ups now! You gotta embrace the fact that your mother has a life besides taking care of y'all!

Dustin: Whatever, let's just watch this damn movie.

Kelly: The sooner we're done here, the sooner we can end this date!

Patrick: True! Let's go! Hurry up! 

Bryan: We're going to buy the tickets! 

Carnell: Denise, wasn't Larry supposed to come?

Denise: Yeah but we had a fight... So he rathered stay at the hotel tonight.

Carnell: You guys should spend more time together... I mean he's only here for a week so...

Denise: Yeah I know... Thanks for carring...

Carnell: Always. :) Leggo!

After the movie we all headed out and there was a bunch of paparazzis outside waiting for us. Uurgh we hate that. Let's try to keep our cool.

Paprazzi1: Hey guys! How was the movie! Miley, miley! Patrick, demi!! 

P2: Carnell, Denise, are you back together? Or is it just for the buzz?

P3: Ariana, ariana! B5! How was the movie?

We got in the car and drove to our house. The girls are going to stay over tonight.

Carnell: Denise you can sleep in my bedroom. Ima stay here on the couch. 

Denise: Oh thanks... (Her phone started to ring) Sorry I gotta take this.

Denise: IT'S NOT MY FAULT LARRY! ECOUTE MOI! C'est toi qui déconne et tu me prends la tete!... Ouais c'est ca bye!

Carnell: Are you ok? 

Denise: Yeah...

Dustin: Well we're going to bed...

Kae: Goodnight everyone.

Kelly: Is mom here yet?

Demi: Kellz let's go to bed!

Bryan: I'm waiting for mom to come back!

Patrick: Me too!

Ariana: No way! Let's go bryan!

Miley: You can wait in your room! Let's go to bed!

Denise: You sure you don't wanna take your room? I can totally sleep here, I don't mind! 

Carnell: No I'm cool! :)

Denise: Thanks.

Denise's POV

An hour later, I still couldn't go to sleep. It was really silent in the house. The only sound that you could hear was from the living room where carnell was. I decided to go check on him

Me: Wassup?

Carnell: You still not sleeping? Lol I'm just chillin'

Me: Whatchu watching?

Carnell: The cosby show, the midnigth replay. 

Me: Oh you still watch it? :)

Carnell: Yeah... You don't?

Me: Yes I do. :) Which episode is it?

Carnell: The one where olivia have to sing for the grand parents bday! Haha

Me: And when she goes crazy because she lost her voice! Lmao! That's a great episode. Can I watch it with you?

Carnell: Of course. Come and sit! :)

The next thing I remember is falling asleep on his shoulder. That was nice. I've been missing these moments.

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