Carnell: What's up?

Denise: You tell me what's up. The girls told me everything.

Carnell: Oh... It's not important.

Denise: What do you mean it's not important? Are you insane? I stayed because of what they told me!

Carnell: I know... Look Denise, I'm sorry. I'm sorry for everything. For breaking up with you, for hurting you, for lying to you about my real feelings. I was just afraid.

Denise: Afraid of what carnell? I gave a year and half of my damn life without a doubt and you bailed on me for no reason! (She starts crying) I tried to understand, I even blamed myself for everything. Now what? Do I have to stop living because you want me to? Carnell this sure aint gonna happen! I need to move on!

Carnell: I DON'T WANT YOU TO MOVE ON!... I don't... want US to end. I love you with all my heart and letting you go was the hardest thing ever! Don't you get it? I didn't want it to go this far!

Denise: Then why did you break up?! WHY?

Carnell: Kellz and Pat messed up my mind with their stupidness and I listened! Their words got to me and I was afraid we were going too fast and that you'd have soon ask for more commitment! I wasn't ready!

Denise: I wasn't ready either Carnell! I'm not ready today and I aint gonna be tomorrow! If you told me about it we would have talked it out and we would still be together! 

Carnell: I know... Denise please don't leave me. I beg you.

Denise:... I can't... leave you. I'm here aren't I. 

Carnell: And you always were. :)

Denise: But I'm dating Larry and you gotta respect that.

Carnell: what? What do you mean you're dating him?

Denise: Yes I am. I'm not gonna bail on him for no reason and since he was here for me when I needed it the most I think he deserves some consideration. I'm not gonna risk leaving him and not coming back with you because of some of pat's pep talks!

Carnell: I told you I love you...

Denise: Love isn't enough. I loved you that night too but you wanted some space am I right? I'm your friend and I'm here for you but until Larry gives me a reason to break up or you give me a reason to take you back, I'm not moving. 

Carnell: Denise...

Denise: I'm protecting myself! Carnell, I'm tired of you messing up with my damn heart!


Denise: Let's get back inside with everyone else...

Carnell: ok

Back inside

Carnell: Where y'all at?

Dustin: The kitchen! We were hungry!

Patrick: Kae is making some food! Huum it smells good!

Kelly: Are you gonna eat with us nellz?

Bryan: Why are you asking him an answer?!! lol

Miley: Do you need help kae?

Kae: Yeah can you help me with the pie please? If I do everything myself I'm gonna burn something! Lol

Demi: I'm gonna make the salad and the sausage.

Ariana: I'm gonna make some fruit juice.

Denise: I can set the table. 

Patrick: Oh god, we hit the jackpot! I'm definitely marrying mine! Lol

Carnell: I thought you were afraid of commitment?

Patrick: Not at all, I was just playing with ya! :p

Dustin: And look at where it lead him...

Bryan: Guys, tonight's all about enjoying ourselves so stop the bickering! 

Kelly: So guys. Are you finally stopping this hide & seek game? You love her, she loves you now?

Demi: Kelly!

Carnell: No it's cool. We're friends now. She's dating Larry and everything's fine with me. 

(Awkward silence)

Ariana: Thank you kelly... Well let's all cook together! That should be fun!

Miley: I have an idea! Let's have a contest between boys and girls! 

Kae: That's a great idea!

Dustin: Oh no no no! I'm not the cook type of guy...

Patrick: Yeah none of us are! We're gonna burn it all!! 

Denise: Then it should be fun! Haha Let's go! 

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