2 months later.

Patrick: Mom I'm going to the mall with milez and Denise.

Adrian: Don't you guys have to do a ustream with jim today?

Patrick: It's a little later in the day 

Dustin: Kae don't you need to buy a dress for the music awards?

Kae: Oh yeah. Let's go with them then.

Miley: We have to pick up Denise. 

Adrian: When are Kellz and Nellz coming back?

Dustin: Huh, tomorrow. 

Adrian: Ok. See you later! Have fun!

The next day: 

Adrian: Do you need something else?

Patrick: I think we're cool! Thanks.

Dustin: We're just waiting for the girls to get here now.

Bryan: I hear a car. 

Kelly: Hey family!

Adrian: Oh hi kellz (Gives him a hug)

Carnell: Hi mom. (Hugs her)

Adrian: Hey baby. How was your trip? 

Carnell: Really fun! We had a blast!

Kelly: Yeah, vegas is the bomb! We need to plan a family trip there!

Bryan: Yeah that could be fun!

Carnell: Where y'all going with all that food?

Dustin: We're going to the circus for Denise's pre bday celebration.

Kelly: Oh yeah, her bday is this weekend! She's gonna hit the big 21! I'm coming with you, just give me 15 min! 

Patrick: Hurry up, the girls will be here in a bit!

Adrian: Carnell why don't you go with them?

Carnell: I don't think she wants me to be there...

Dustin: Na I'm sure she'll be happy to see you! 

Bryan: Come with us Carnell! 

Carnell: Okay. 

Adrian: Great. I think they're here. Have fun boys! :)


Dustin: Hey girls! 

Patrick: Are you excited for the day?

Denise: I'm sooooo excited! I can't wait! 

Kae: What are we waiting for?

Bryan: For Kelly and Carnell.

Ariana: Oh they're back?

Dustin: Yeah, we said it was ok. Is it cool with you Denise?

Denise: Yeah, don't worry! 

Kelly: Hey people! 

Demi: Babyyy! (Jumps in his arms) 

Miley: Lol you guys are terrible! 

Carnell: Hey y'all. 

Ariana: Hey Carnell! :)

Patrick: What are we waiting for? Let's hit the road! 

Miley: Whoo hoo!!

Kae: It's gonna be so much fun!

Dustin: Turn UP, Yu hurd?!!  Hahaha

Carnell: Hey Denise! Long time no see. :)

Denise: Hey Carnell! Yeah I know right... :)

Demi: Denise bring your butt in the car!! Lol

Kelly: Leggo!!

At the circus:

Kae: I feel like it's gonna be one heck of a day!

Dustin: Let's go watch "History of a fire lion"! Seems cool!

Denise: I'm gonna wait for seiko and laurent to get here.

Kelly: Okay! See you inside!


Seiko: Hey beautiful!

Denise: What's up?! 

Laurent: Salut beauté (hey pretty)

Denise: Ca va toi? (How are you?)

Seiko: Okay okay! Enough of that french thing! lol 

Larry: Hey Denise! :)

Denise: Larry!! What are you doing here? (Hug him) I thought you were busy today!

Larry: When Laurent told me it was for your bday, I didn't even think twice (he said, giving her the cutest smile ever)

Denise: Aaw I'm flattered!! :)

Seiko: Haha you two are cute! Where's everyone else?

Denise: They're waiting for us inside the arena! Let's go! 


Something seems to be happening between Denise and Larry. How will Carnell react? Is it really over between Denise and him? 

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