Denise: I'm trying to call him but he doesn't answer... I guess he's having too much fun with savannah! Aargh

Carnell: Poor Bahja...

Meanwhile with Patrick.

Patrick: Hey :)

Miley: What again Patrick?

Patrick: I'm coming to make amend with you. I've been a jerk lately...

Miley: Sure thing.

Patrick: Let me finish. I'm tired of people telling me how to act with you because I already know how to. I guess it's time to show you that I'm able to be serious.

Miley, remember when we met? Three years ago, at the kids choice awards, you were sitting next to me and you were talking to your friend the whole ceremony... Mandy, right?

Miley: yes... :)

Patrick: I had some new sneakers on and I was hoping that nobody would walk on them that day but you did, twice! Lol I was so pissed at you that I promised myself to tell you exactly how mad I was. At the end of the ceremony I stood up and faced you. Then I said : Could you walk on my shoes a third time, you stupid!?. Remember what you did?

Miley: Lol I stepped on it a third time! Lol

Patrick: Yes! Lol I was so shocked that when I went home I took my daily diary and wrote only "Miley" in it. It pretty much summed up my day so. Lol since that day, I cannot remember one day of my life when I didn't wright your name on every single page of my diary. Sometimes it was at the beginning, or at the end of my note but it was always there. Here, look at it (He said while pulling out his journal)

Miley: (Took the note nook and couldn't stop smiling while reading it) Wait... Why is there a bunch of white pages in between?

Patrick: That was from the day I broke your heart, till the day you forgave me. I couldn't even write a thing. I realized you were more than just a girl... You are the girl. Miley I'm crazy in love with you. I can't imagine my life without you. Ok I'll probably mess up again, coz I'm stupid, I'm dumb and everything but trust me you're the only person that gives me strength to go beyond my expectations in life. You inspire me. I'd me miserable without you Miley.

Miley: (With tears in her eyes) Patrick I love you... Don't ever break my heart again. Or I'll break your balls! Lol

Patrick: hahaha I love you! I love you, I love you! (He said, kissing her)

Meanwhile with Bahja:

Bahja: I'm so excited! :)

Zonnique: We are too! You're finally dating a single guy! Lol

Bahja: Lol I know, sorry about that...

Bre: It's okay! Larry seems to like you a lot!

Bahja: You think?

Carnell: No... Sorry for interrupting but I need to talk to you Bahja...

Bahja: You can tell me everything in front of my friends

Carnell: ok... Larry is two timing you... With savannah. But she doesn't know either.

Bre: What?! What a jerk!

Bahja: Wait a minute! Larry? I don't believe you Carnell...

Zonnique: Bahj' why would he lie about such a thing? It's insane!

Bahja: Maybe because he likes me... :) Right, Carnell?

Carnell: Bahja, let me get this straight. I DON'T like you. I'm telling you the truth but since you don't want to believe me, fine. Good luck with Larry. (He said, then walked out of the room.)

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