We were all waiting in the room when we saw Dustin walking toward us. You couldn't really tell on his face what was going on. He got to where we were all standing.

Kelly: So? 

Demi: Is the baby... alive?

Dustin:... Yes. Yes yes. (He broke down and started crying)

Patrick: Oh my god! Thank you. 

Miley: That's the best new ever.

Carnell: Where is she?

Kae: I'm right here. :) 

They all rushed to hug her.

Me: How are you feeling?

Kae: Pretty good. They've finish running the last tests so I'm free to go.

Ariana: Ok let's get you to your place.

Dustin: No I don't want you to sleep alone tonight. We're going to our house.

Later that night.

Kelly: Where's Bryan and mom by the way?

Demi: I was asking myself the same question.

Patrick: I know that mom had a date tonight...

Miley: What about Bry?

Carnell: He went to spy on her... We tried to stop him but he's the one that has a hard time letting mom go. 

Me: Ariana why don't you call him? 

Ariana: Yeah. I'll be right back. 

Dustin and Karrueche were cuddled up on the sofa. He had his head laid on her shoulder and his eyes were closed. That describes their relationship. Some people may say that without Dustin, Kae would be alone and miserable but that's not true. He's the one that needs her. She's the one he can lean on. 

Let's skip 5 months. The grammy awards was in a week and B5 would sign their big comeback on stage during the ceremony. Miley, demi, Ariana are going to perform their new hits. A few months ago Denise started a Youtube channel were she posted a lot of dance and funny videos and she was asked to present the awards this year, plus she is going to dance for ciara, chris brown and Justin bieber. Karrueche is styling the boys for the ceremony and she was showing now that she was 6 months and half pregnant.

They are all gathered in the living room chillin' except for Denise who's in rehearsal today again.

Dustin: Where's Dede?

Patrick: Rehersals.

Demi: I have mine in two days. My soundcheck and everything.

Miley: Me too. She's working hard tho. She has to dance for three artists and present at the ceremony. 

Ariana: Yeah she doesn't even get the time to text or call. 

Kelly: She just tweeted a pic of her and ciara.

*@DeniseIsHere: Straight flexin' with one of the baddest! Whaddup twitter?

@MileyCyrus: @DeniseIsHere we miss you boo! 

@Karrueche: Chillin' with @B5Online @MileyCyrus @DemiLovato @ArianaGrande. We miss our sweetpie tho. @DeniseIsHere have a good rehersal baby boo. <3*

Patrick: Jim, when are we doing the ustream?

Jim: Tomorrow. You can tell your fans now. It's going to be at 9pm.

Bryan: We have to tweet about it?

Jim: Yeah and on facebook too.

*@CarnellofB5 : Hey y'all. We're doing a ustream tomorrow. 9pm, be ready! :)*

The next day, 5 minutes before the Ustream.

Dustin: Jim, Kae and I want to tell the world that she is pregnant. We're ready.

Jim: Do you want to do it during the Ustream or on twitter?

Dustin: During the ustream. :)

Jim: Let's go then.

< B5: Hey y'all! :)

 Patrick: What's up everybody? :) How are you?

 Carnell: I'm trying to read... aargh. "We missed you" We missed you too. We missed doing ustreams.

 Patrick: "Bryan you're so grown now." Lmao

 Bryan: I mean that's what happens right?! Lol Thank you.

 Kelly: "Kelly I love your short hair!" Thanks! I love it too. :) "Why did you cut it all finally?" Hum, I just wanted to change it a little bit you know. I think it's pretty cool. :)

 Carnell: "Where's Dustin?" They always askin' about Dustin! Lol Dustin is here, wait. D! They asking for you.

 Patrick: What do you mean, where's Dustin?! I'm here, we don't need Dustin! Lol 

 Dustin: Whaddup whaddup? haha How y'all doin'? Hum... " Is this miley talking with your mom?" Yeah yeah. The girls are here. "We want to say hi to the girls" Miles, demz, Ari... Mom too. 

 Miley: What's up y'all? :) "Miley you're gorgeous. I love you" Aaw I love you too. Thanks. Demz is here too. (She turns the camera on Demi) She's geeking. She's a twitter addict. Demi say hi!

Demi: Hey everybody! How y'all doin'? :D 

 Ariana: They say you're beautiful. "You too ariana! :)" Aaw thank you. Well we gonna let the boys do their Ustream. Lol 

Bryan: They asking for Karrueche. Dustin...

Dustin: Well guys, kae and I need to tell you something. :) Karrueche...

Kae: hey guys. :) 

Dustin: "She's pregnant? Oooh congrats!! :)" Yes she is. :) Thank you all.

Kae: Thanks everyone. We appreciate... Omg my twitter mentions is blowing. :) Okay bye guys. I'm going to take a nap. 

Kelly: Mom, someone knocked at the door, can you get it please?

Adrian: Of course.

Carnell: They say what's up momma! :)

Adrian: Hey y'all. Look who I found at the door. 

Denise: Hey loves! :) Oh you're on ustream? Hey everyone! :)

(Carnell hugged her tight) 

Carnell: I missed this girl right here. :) 

They kept on chatting.

The day of the ceremony, Denise was presenting B5.

Denise: This group has been one of the best since they started on disney. They're handsome, talented and GROWN now. Haha I'm honnored to present B5 with their new hit single "Say Yes".

During the performance Dustin stops singing and the rest of the group starts doing the vocals behind.

Dustin: I'd like everyone to meet, my hapiness, my smile, my reason to live. The woman I love the most after my mother... Karrueche could you come on stage please?... We annouced earlier that we were expecting our first child... and now baby, in front of everyone gathered here I'm asking you to marry me (He said bending down on one knee) : "And I want you to be mine so just say yeah, yes. I promise Ima keep your heart right in mine, if you say yeah, yes." 

Kae: Yeah, Yeah, YEAH! (She said crying) Yes. 

The whole room was cheering and screaming for them. 


I know it was a little boring but nevermind, I was tired. Lol Anyway I hope you still enjoyed it. :)

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