Love & War

Carnell: Where did you hear that from?

Bahja: Nellz, just tell me already...

Carnell: Well... Yes

Bahja: So they were right...

Carnell: Who? Bahja please it's supposed to be a secret. Please don't tell any of your friends please...

Bahja:... Don't worry... I won't tell my friends...

Carnell: Okay thanks. I gotta go but I'll see you later ok?

Bahja: Alright...

Meanwhile in Atlanta

Kae: I hate Chris for making me stay longer! Aargh!

Miley: Calm down. In two weeks you're going to be overseas with your baby and your fiancé... Everything's good!

Demi: I'm so excited to get there!

Miley: Well I don't think I'll go with y'all...

Kae: Why?!

Miley: Well maybe I need to start re building myself up. You know you're going to be busy with your boyfriends and I'm just going to be there as everybody's friend...

Demi: Miley its all up to you to change that... You know that Patrick is dying to get back with you...

Kae: Yes! And there's no way we're going without you! So lighten up and pack your bags bitch! Lol

Miley: Lol okay. If Seiko was here she would have whip my ass for even doubting about Going! Lol

Demi: I'm sooooo jealous of her job! She gets to travel all around the world, to the finest places to take pictures! Aah model life!

Kae: YOU get to travel all around the world when you're on tour! Haha but I know how you feel. I miss it sometimes.

Miley: You can always get back to it!!

Kae: Naa I don't think it's a good idea... It's okay tho. I love my new life.

Back on tour.

Adrian: Nice to meet y'all! It's a shame that I can only stay two weeks with y'all.

Zonnique: Now that we know each other well hang out more don't worry mrs Adrian.

Adrian: Of course! I invite you all to dinner as soon as we're all back in Atlanta!

Bahja: Oh thank you! I can't wait!

Jim: Guys you have an interview with "good morning Australia" along side with the OMG girlz

Tamara: It's time to go girls

They all got to the studio and after a long walk into the building it was time to go live.

GA: Welcome to good morning Australia! Please welcome two of the biggest teen sensations of the moment, B5 and the OMG girlz!

*Clap clap clap*

GA: Hey everyone!

OMG: Hey

B5: Hello

GA: So B5 how does it feel to be back?

Patrick: Well we weren't really gone you know. We just took a break but if it's called a "comeback" then it sure feels good.

GA: Good! How is touring with ciara?

Dustin: It's great! She's a really hard worker and she's so humble and down to earth that everything is a lot easier.

Kelly: We've known her for a pretty good time now and for her to have thought of us for her tour is just a huge honor. We enjoy it every step of the way!

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