The next day at the studio. Denise went to say hi to Miley and Demi and headed to the studio O2 where B5 was recording.

Denise: hey y'all!

Dustin: hey miss sunshine!

Bryan: how are you?

Denise: Good! I brought you some snacks. Help yourself! :)

Patrick: Denise, YOU are the best!

Kelly: Carnell, maybe you should marry her after all! Lol

Denise: What are you talking about?! Lol You not gonna eat babe?

Carnell: I'm not hungry. You could have come a little later.

Denise: Hum... I thought that you guys would have a break by now.

Carnell: I was just going to record my part. So bad timing.

Dustin: But WE done, so good timing!

Bryan: In fact, great timing!

Denise: well sorry for disturbing you. Ima go home then and you call me when you're done?

Carnell: Ok.

Denise: Bye guys.


The next day:

Denise's POV

I'm wondering why he didn't call or text me last night. Maybe he was tired. Ima try texting him.

Denise: -Hey babe. How are you?-
Carnell: - I'm good.-
Denise: -... Yes I am too. Thanks for asking!-
Carnell: -Look Denise I'm really tired today so ttyl. Peace-

Denise: WTF?! Aargh.


What's going on with Carnell? Find out in the next chapter! Xoxo

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