The next day:

Dustin: I'm wondering what's going on with Pat and Denise right now.

Kelly: What do you mean?

Dustin: He stayed over her house so I'm wondering if she's ok now...

Bryan: She is! Patrick just called me to tell me she was fine but he had something to tell us.

Carnell: What? 

They hear the sound of a car

Kelly: We'll find out now.

Patrick: (Comes in) Whassup wassup!

Dustin; What up bro?

Patrick: Nothing much. Denise is at her mom's house for the week.

Carnell: How is she doing?

Patrick: She's fine don't worry. But we have a little bit of a problem.

Kelly: What's up?

Patrick: Well...

Kae: (Storms in the house) SHE'S MOVING BACK TO FRANCE!! 

Patrick: and that's the story! Thanks kae!

Dustin: Babe, what are you doing here? And are you screaming?

Miley: Sorry guys, I tried to stop her but she ran out of the car as soon as we got here.

Carnell: Wait wait wait, what's this thing about denise moving back to france?

Demi: She called us yesterday and explained what... happened and while we were talking, Larry called her and she said she would call us back.

Ariana: But she didn't call us back yesterday but she did today and told us that the twins are moving back to Paris for a few months and that she's thinking about following them... 

Kelly: Why? Her mother is here!

Kae: Yeah but thanks to carnell she doesn't really care about that right now! 

Dustin: Karrueche calm down. We can probably do something!

Patrick: We already tried. It's fifty fifty now... But I don't think she'll stay. I mean, she could go with Larry and start living something new and great or stay here and suffer by her own... Not a tough choice.

Bryan: No, she can't possibly leave us like that. Oh God...

Carnell: Maybe I could go and talk to her. Since I provoked it all...

Ariana: And what are you going to tell her that''s different from everything we tried?

Carnell: That I still love her and that I broke up with Larisa for her. 

Patrick: Oh, you did?

Carnell just nodded.

Kae: And what makes you think that she'll change her mind?

Carnell: At least she'll think about it.  That's where we want her to get. To the point where she doubts.

Kelly: True. At least let him try.

Miley: Then go right now. 

Demi: Pat, go with him. She'll listen to you.

Patrick:... Ok... 

Dustin: Let us know what's happening... 

When they got to Denise's mother house, she let them inside and called Denise.

Denise: (Comes into the living but as soon as she saw carnell her smile fade away) What are you doing here?

Carnell: I came to talk to you.

Denise: I ain't got nothing to tell you.

Patrick: Denise please listen to him. For me... please. 


Patrick: I'll let the two of you talk. I'm going to wait in the car. 


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