Zonnique's POV

The day we were leaving for tour was so hectic! Everyone was in a good mood and ready to hit the road. I was worried about one thing tho: Bahja. Since the day we met Dee, she didn't stop talking about how lucky she is to date Carnell and all that stuff. I know Bahja. She's... Well let's say that she goes for what she wants and in that case I think it's Carnell. I just hope she won't cause any problems because it's our first international tour and I don't want any tension between us and everyone else.

Anyways, we just arrived atthe airport where were going to take the jet to London! I was so excited! This will be the bomb.

Carnell's POV

When we got to the airport there was already Ciara. She was supervising the things before the takeoff.

Ciara: hey guys! Are you excited for the tour?

Dustin: Of course! It's a great opportunity so thank you again! :)

Ciara: oh you're welcome! Dee did you talk to the boys today? I'm waiting for them.

Denise: Yes they're on their way to here. They're with savannah.

Wait a minute! What boys? I never heard of male dancers. Just as I was about to ask her, Laurent and Larry came from no where and started greeting everyone. I looked over at Dee but she was avoiding my eyes. Ok.

Ciara: I'm glad you're here boys! Now we're waiting on my niece to get here and then we're good to go! :)

Zonnique: We're here aunty! :)

Bahja: Hello everyone! :)

Tip: Ok ci', I trust you with them. Take good care of them please.

Ciara: Dont worry I'm on it! :) Plus, Tamara will be here so everything's fine!

Tip: Aight' okay. Have a safe tour babies. Niq don't forget to call okay?! Ight. Bye

Bre: Bye Uncle Tip! :) Hey guys I'm Bre, this is Bahja and Zonnique. :)

Dustin: Nice to meet you finally! I'm Dustin! :)

Kelly: I'm Kelly.

Patrick: Patrick ;)

Me: I'm Carnell.

Bryan: and I'm Bryan! :) we're the...

Bahja: B5 we knoooow! We're so excited to meet you!

Patrick: Haha likewise! :)

Bre: Dustin where's Kae? And the baby?

Dustin: Well they're at home. The baby is not able to travel yet but it's a matter of weeks don't worry!

Kelly: Yeah they'll join us in a few weeks with my mom and our manager.

Zonnique: That's nice! Hi Ariana! :) Where's Miley and Demi at?

Bryan: Recording their new albums. They're really busy but they'll be with us for the North American leg of the tour. :)

Larry: Alright guys, Ciara told me to inform you that it's time to go.

We all went in the plane and as planned Ciara choose the places. The dancers were sitting together, B5 together, the OMG girlz with their manager, etc. that means Larry and Dee are going to travel TOGETHER. I was starting to feel a little nervous.

Anyways, the flight was really quick since we all spent our time sleeping.

When we got to the hotel there was a bunch of fans waiting for all of us in the front. It was crazy!

Ciara: So this is how the rooms are sorted out. Everyone has their own room except for the omg girls. You're sleeping in a 2 bed room with Tamara. King size bed! Denise and savannah, Larry Laurent, Carnell Bryan, Pat and Kellz, and Dustin you'll have your own room everywhere for when the baby is here. And there's always gonna be one extra room for the family. This is where mama A and Ariana will be. Okay guys, now rest and be ready for tonight. I've got some interviews before the balance. See you!

Meanwhile in the ATL

Miley: They just arrived to London. Dee texted me.

Demi: How long is the first leg of the tour?

Kae: Hum three months I think.

Miley: I'll be done in a month! Maybe I can surprise them!

Demi: Me too!!!

Kae: That's awesome! (Her phone rang) Yes Chris... No... In two weeks...yes...yes... Never!... Ok... Ok... Bye. Aargh!

Miley: What was that about?!

Kae: It's Chris! He gives me more and more work to do and it's annoying coz I don't feel like he's doing it for me... But for him to keep me away from going on tour with Dustin.

Demi: Troubles! Don't let him do that!

Kae: Yeah I'm trying... I gotta go, he needs me to pick up his outfit for an interview.

Miley: Be careful! Call us if something's wrong. :)

Demi: I'm wondering what's going on on tour... :)

Back with everyone on tour.

Me: I can't believe she lied to me!

Bryan: She didn't lie to you. She just didn't tell you that Larry would be here. No big deal.

Me: No big deal?! What do you mean no big deal?! I'm definitely having a conversation with her about that lie by omission.

Bryan: Can I give you a piece of advice Carnell? I'm sure she didn't want to tell you because of this kind of reaction. So for once show her that she's wrong and that there was nothing to worry about! Act like you're cool with it.

Me: But I'm not!

Bryan: Act like you are! Then maybe you'll actually be cool with it. Your relationship will be stronger if she feels that you trust her.


Bryan: At least try it and you'll see. :)

I decided to go and try it right away. I knocked at their door and Dee opened it.

Denise: Oh... Hey Carnell.

Me: Hey babe. Let's take a walk. :)

Denise: okay...

Me: So... How do you like your room?

Denise: It's big enough! Lol How's yours?

Me: Not big enough. Bryan and I are gonna have to sleep on each other... Not so nice. Lol

Denise: You silly. Lol

Me: It would be a lot better if it was you in my room... ;) lol

Denise: shut up. So... Is there anything you wanna tell me?

Me: Hum no. Why?

Denise: Carnell aren't you mad about me not telling you for Larry?

Me: Oh that? I was surprised but I'm not mad Dont worry. :)

Denise: Are you serious?

Me: Yeah! Lol you look surprised.

Denise: I am... But in a good way! :) I'm really happy that you're not mad about it. I love you even more.

Me: Love you more.

Denise: That's impossible. :)


Bryan seem to have a good point there. But is Carnell gonna be able to act this way till the end of the tour?

Sorry guys I published the chapter by mistake. It wasn't finished yet. Now there it is. :)

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