At lunch with Karrueche and Seiko

Seiko: Hey boo! (Hugs Kae) Hey babe (Hugs Denise)

Denise: Hey gurl! What's up?

Seiko: I'm good! Let's sit!

Kae: Soooo! I heard you had a boyfriend!! Aaaah! Tell us everything! 

Seiko: Denise you know him! He's one of Les Twins! They dance with you for beyonce!! 

Denise: Oh yeah!! Which one? Larry or Laurent?

Seiko: Laurent! We've been together for 2 months now. 

Kae: Aaw we're so happy for you!!

Seiko: They don't stop complimenting Denise on her dancing skills! They think you're really good! 

Denise: Oh that's so nice! When are they coming to visit?

Seiko: Next week! I heard you guys had a show in a few weeks so they need to come and practise!

Kae; I'm jealous of their life! It seems like fun!

Denise: But it's most of all hard work! 

Seiko: Yeah, you have insane schedules! Unbelievable! 

Kae: I can't wait to meet my brother in law!! lol

The next day with B5 at the studio

Miley: Hey guys! What's up?

Patrick: (Runs to her and kiss her) How are you babe?

Miley: I'm good now! Why are you so excited? Lol

Bryan: It's because he said, I quote "I wanna kiss Milez so bad right now!" Lol

Kelly: Where's Demz?

Demi: Right here!! Hey boo!

Dustin: Here we go again with these two! Lol

Kae: (Comes in) Hey people!

Dustin: Babe! I've missed you! (Kiss her)

Demi: And who's talking? Lol

Miley: Weren't you supposed to come with Denise?

Kae: Yeah but she had a last minute rehearsal! She said she's sorry, Carnell.

Patrick: Oh too bad,Nellz won't see his wiiiiife! Lol

Carnell: I'm fine, no problem! 

Awkward silence.

After the recording session, everybody else leave to go eat but Dustin stays a bit to talk to carnell.

Dustin: Carnell, can I talk to you?

Carnell: Yeah.

Kae: I'll wait for you in the car.

Dustin:... What's wrong lil bro?

Carnell: Nothing... I've just been thinking a lot lately.

Dustin: About what?

Carnell: Don't you think Denise and I are going to fast?

Dustin: What do you mean by going fast?

Carnell: We act like a married couple and everything?

Dustin: Lol! That's Pat and Kellz work right?

Carnell: No! I mean yes but I've been thinking too! I'm young, I don't wanna be stuck up in a relationship already!

Dustin: You're not stuck up! You there coz you want to! Don't let Pat and Kellz get to you like that.

Carnell:... I've made my decision. So we'll see what happens.


What is Carnell's decision? Find out next! Xoxo

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