Denise's POV

Bahja: Hey Carnell :)

Carnell: hey Bahja! :)

Bahja: you can call me bahj'. :)

Carnell: Well, ok, bahj' :)

Bahja: Were are your brothers?

Carnell: As soon as we ended our balance, they went back to the hotel. Lol

Bahja: Why didn't you go with them?

Carnell: Waiting for dee to finish her rehearsal with y'all. I'm taking her to dinner before the concert. :)

Bahja: Aw that's so romantic. She's lucky... Carnell can I ask you something?

Carnell: Yeah what?

Bahja: We've known each other for two weeks now and I think it'd be cool to hang out sometimes... With everyone else too of course.

Carnell: Sounds great! :)

Bahja: Can I call you Nellz?

Carnell: Of course, bahj'! Lol :)

Bahja: Nice... ;)

Carnell: ... Hum where are the girls?

Bahja: They went to grab something to eat. Here they are...

Zonnique: Hey Carnell! :)

Bre: Hey bahj I thought you had something to do, that's why you didn't come with us.

Bahja: Oh yeah that. It's done! :) hey Denise! Hey savannah.

Savannah: Hey! Lets warm up and rehearse.

Me: You stayin' for the balance?

Carnell: Yup.

Me: Ok. See you at the end. :)

Carnell: Wait a minute! Where's my kiss?!

Me: Lol here it is. (We kissed) :)

End of POV

Zonnique's POV

During the rehearsal, Bahja was dancing extremely sexy and wouldn't stop coming back and forth near Carnell. I was seeing what was going on there. She needed to cool off quick. Dee is so nice to us.

Me: Bahja can I talk to you for a minute...

Bahja: Wassup?

Me: What do you think you're doing?

Bahja: What do you mean?

Me: With Carnell! Stop right now!

Bahja: I don't know what you're talking about! :)

Me: Bahj it's not funny! Dee has been so nice to us so far!

Bahja: I know! I'm just being friendly! It's not like they're engaged or something! Aargh Niq, chill!

She went back on stage quickly.

Me: This is not over!

During the show:

Me: So I heard you loved these brothers...

BabyD: They're cool, talented, and from ATL!! I mean c'mon! Haha

Beauty: Don't forget to add that they're sexy! Number 4 is my fav By the way! Haha Paris, I want you to welcome B5!

Dustin: Bonsoir Paris! Haha how y'all doin' tonight?!

We went backstage and left the stage for b5.

Me: Bahja are you crazy?!

Bahja: What again?! I just said he was my fav! No big deal!

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