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Pen Your Pride

Kae: Oh my god I can't believe I told him that...

Miley: No more than 2 drinks for you anymore!

Denise: You're lucky he didn't get mad Karrueche. I know I would have been.

Demi: Let's not talk about it anymore! The wedding is tomorrow and we need to rest. :)

Kae: I'm gonna call Dustin to wish him good night.

She dialed his phone number and waited for him to pick up. No answer.

Kae: I guess he's already sleeping.

Meanwhile with the boys

Kelly: Why didn't you pick up her call?

Dustin: I don't really feel like talking to her right now...

Bryan: Why?

Dustin: I'm still trying to figure out how to brush past what she told me the other night.

Carnell: Dustin, you told her everything was fine...

Dustin: It is. I mean I understand where she was coming from and I get that she's scared. The thing I don't get is why does she doubt on us.

Patrick: Dustin, let's not tak about that tonight. Tomorrow is your big day. YOLO bruh! :)

Dustin: Lol... Thanks. Goodnight guys.

The next day 4 hours before the ceremony.

Miley: Hey everybody! :)

Kae: Hey cutie! :)

Demi: Kaeee! Are you excited for today?

Kae: More than you could imagine!! I'm getting married to the father of my kid... It makes the thing so much more important. :)

Denise: Hey guys. I gotta go, I'm getting ready there.

Seiko: Where are you going?

Denise: I got to meet Carnell at the reception place to finish some more details.

Kae: Is there a problem?

Denise: No don't worry! Lol just a few last minute details! :)

Miley: See you later, doll. :)

Denise: Seiko could you take care of decorating the car please? I don't think I'll be able to do it all today!

Seiko: No problem! :)

Demi: Have a nice day! :)

Denise's POV

Me: Hey Carnell. :) (I said, hugging him)

Carnell: Hey beautiful. I was about to call you to tell you that you didn't have to come. I already sorted out everything. :)

Me: Oh great! Thank you so much! :)

Carnell: You're welcome! I took Dustin to the apartment yesterday and he was beyond satisfied with what we did there! :)

Me: Perfect! I hope kae will like it too! I already told the driver to take them immediately to the airport. She'll have the surprise when they'll be back.

Carnell: Cool. :)

Me:... Well I gotta go get ready. You should do the same. :)

Carnell: Wait. I need to tell you something.

Me: Yeah?

Carnell: Dustin ignored Kae's call yesterday... He's doubting that they're doing the right thing. He told her it was fine but now he's more scared then ever.

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