Denise POV

Carnell: Let's go with the others in the living room.

We walked to the living room and found Miley sitting on Patrick's lap and watching bryan and Ariana argue again. These two don't do anything but argue all the time. But that's the way they love each other I guess so it's kind of cute.

Me: Hey Pat (I hugged him from behind)

Patick: Hey sis'. How've you been?

Me: Good! Hey Miles, how are you?

Miley: I'm good, cutie! Long time no see! Did you come with Demi?

Me: Yeah but I guess she's somewhere in the house with Kelly. You know those two...

Miley: Don't remind me! Ha-ha!

Carnell's POV

Me: Why are you two argueing again?

Bryan: She's so annoying sometimes!

Ariana: No YOU are annoying! Aarrgh! I'm going home! (She stood up and started walking to the door) 

Patrick: Oh come on Ariana! It doesn't have to go this far. 

Dustin: (Comes in with Kae) Where are you going Ariana?

Ariana: Home!

Kae: You got into a fight with her again, bryan?

Bryan: It doesn't even matter! 

Dustin: Come on Ariana! Stay. Just for dinner at least.

Me: Yeah, Bryan is dumb, don't bother with him!

Kae: Yeah, stay! We're here!

Denise: Come on Ari!

Ariana: Ok. But just for dinner guys. 


Patrick: Wow, babe stop screaming! 

Dustin: Your girlfriend is CRAY! Ha-ha!

Miley: I'm standing right  here, Dustin! 

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